Just one question...

By redyeah
Written April 18, 2011
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Don't be fooled by G Rating!

By Angel_of_Movies
Written April 23, 2011
The cuteness is overwhelming, and you'll fall in love with the furry cast of characters without any doubt. Sensitive kids should not be taken to this movie however. There is death involved (this is nature you know) and although the only dead animals you see are zebras and gazelles the sensitive little ones might have a problem even if they don't quite understand what is being said, the music suggests that something "scary" or "sad" is about to happen which all ages understand. Heck, I cried through most of the middle of the movie but I am sensitive (and a mother). All in all the movie is a wonderful story of two mothers making sure their cubs survive the African Savannah. Stay through the credits as you will enjoy them immensely!
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Heartbreaking tale of the reality of 2 cat moms with cubs living (and dying) in the wild

By Serendipity0468
Written April 24, 2011
Beautiful footage, I must say, but the tale of hardships following a mama cheetah & her cubs, a lioness & her cub- I had to leave the theater because I was so upset when things went awry (which happened throughout the hour I saw). Mom cats crying for lost young, attacks targeting terrified young -- the incredible bond between mom & cub makes it even more heartbreaking because the mom will stop at nothing to protect them. When that fails? Water works. Terrified lost or endangered young, the devastation of the mother when young are consumed by a predator, I kept crying!! If you are or your children are animal lovers sensitive to the brutalities of nature, I don't recommend. My animal loving daughter was hurting over the sadness. An hour in with obvious additional impending doom looming, we bailed out before having to choke back tears yet again!! I'll wait for the DVD when I can fast forward.. And an hour in, no leopard at all as the synopsis states, Lion and cheetah only.
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African Cats

By karenbcnu
Written April 24, 2011
It was Awesome!
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BEAUTIFUL film ~ cinematography splendor~ A big screen must!

By Ajlina
Written April 25, 2011
Wonderful close up of the world of African cats. The visuals, the sounds, the stories, the lives, the mothers. From single mom to large family mom. Then there is the boys. The four grown male lions standing side by side is an absolutely magnificent sight to behold - as are the grown cheetah cubs with their menacing beauty. You can't take your eyes off them. The aging king with a broken tooth and his ladies in particular an aging lovely lioness with such steady courage. The baby cheetahs will melt your heart and you will admire their mother. It's OK for the kiddies, the killings/hunting are discreetly shot. I sat up front so it was all larger than life and beautiful. I admire these cats all the more now!
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