A Five Star Life Synopsis
A hotel critic is forced to reexamine her personal life after her support network collapses.

Movie Reviews

A bait-and-switch movie

By randielise
I was looking forward to seeing this movie from the synopsis which I construed as being about luxury hotels, beautiful scenery and spectacular landscapes in exotic locations.... but I was WRONG! The...

Subtle strength conveys the full feeling

By judgebob
One is not struck by this film immediately but once you walk away you go “That was a fabulous movie!” The movie does not hit you over the head with anything. It tells it’s tale very subtly and...

5 star fim

By jeffny2003
A wonderful Italian film, which won many Italian film awards. Irene is a woman whose job is to inspect 5 stars hotels throughout Europe and the Middle East. The scenery of all these cities and hotels...

Lightweight Escape in a Travelogue Movie

By Ognadnaf21
There's nothing deep here. No pretensions, no statements about the condition of mankind or even womankind, although some might make it out that there are. 5 StarLife is just simple visually...