Great Movie

By wowmantan
Written May 04, 2008
This is one of the most hysterical movies i have seen. It has a great plot while mixing sequences of comedy into the plot. A "must see."
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A FISH CALLED Wonderful!

By lugubriousthespian
Written February 28, 2009
This comedic gem from the late 1980s has only appreciated in value during the last couple decade's severe lack of well-made, legitimately funny movies. Totally PC challenged is this mercilessly strident story of a band of crooks all trying to outwit each other after a dairing diamond heist in London and all the myriad of complications that ensue. Jamie Lee Curtis ( in one of her sexiest roles ever ) manages to dupe not only her idiot partner-in-crime ( Kevin Klein in his screamingly hilarious Oscar-winning turn as "don't call me stupid" Otto ) who is posing as her brother, but also her English bore of a lover, Michael Plain's sympathetic, inadvertant K-9 killer, as well as John Cleese as the hapless uptight barister who she unwittingly falls in love with in between all the manic action. In the glorious traditon of not only wild British farce, but also madcap Monty Pythnesque humor, this movie is a total laugh riot from start to finish! Absolutely marvelous in every respect!
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