Afflicted Synopsis
Two friends' tour of Europe takes a dark turn when one of them contracts a mysterious illness.
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Well Done New Vampire Movie from IFC

By Bearfist
This is a really good slant on the vampire movie. It made me jump a number of times and I strongly recommend it if you like finding off beat, horror movies like this. This movie works on script,...

A knockoffof Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity with a silly plot

By jargenzi
Yet - it was nice to see a different genre of "videotaped" horror be displayed....

Another blair with cam!!

By silva570
Come on let's stop with the Blair witch want a be's. This cam sh.t gets you sick...

Beyond horrible

By fabriceandremccarthy


By ryanlester1
If you love vampire movies you'll live this one...

Good Job Derek and Cliff

By sk8terboyluvah879
I didn't have any expectations from the preview I saw. What I got was nothing like I thought it would be. A lot of people have a problem with the "found footage" style of movie making. I am not...

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Rated R | For Language and Disturbing Bloody Violence