ADVENTURELAND - a journey of self and sexual awakening. GRADE: B-PLUS

Written April 03, 2009
(Based on a ACTUAL advance press preview which I attended this week) Adventureland (1hr 46mins) is a coming-of-age slice-of-life plus love story about a young man's social and sexual awakening. At times humorous and tragic, the movie explored various themes - fidelity/cheating, love/lust, confidentiality, responsibility, loyalty, self-potential, etc. Director Greg Mottola deftly juggled those issues in this well-paced and competently-acted 80s period movie. Parents please be aware that there are overt scenes depicting sexuality, alcohol consumption, and drug-use. Please understand, these elements are integral to the plot. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how well-made Adventureland is because I had low expectations initially and I almost skipped the advance press preview. I definitely look forward to Greg Mottola's next movie, PAUL, starring Simon Pegg. VERDICT: If you found SUPERBAD to be funny - Adventureland is up your alley. Worth checking out.
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By crazyybabyy21
Written March 07, 2009
the girl from twilight in another movie shortly afiter twilight and during the creation of new moon! omg how does she do it weellll this moviee will be absoluntly amazing i am so going to seee the premerreeee
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By amusementparklover
Written April 08, 2009
My first thought is if anybody want's to go to the park that was adventure land, you must go to pittsburgh, pa and enjoy kennywood park. This park is fantastic. Now the review- The acting was below average for everybody except kristen stewart. I did not find this movie funny or anything else. Why did kristen stewart make this movie after she was excellent in twilight? I cannot recommend this movie to anyone. If you want adventureland thrills, make a trip to pittsburgh and have fun at kennywood. I look forward to the kristen stewart in new moon rising.
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It's Slow, but Sweet in Adventureland

By PrinceAndTheRevolution
Written April 02, 2009
I saw a sneak preview of Adventureland last night and was both a little disappointed and a little pleasantly surprised. First, I was a little disappointed because I thought the movie would be funnier given the previews and "from the director of Superbad." However, I was pleasantly surprised by the film's sweet and innocent take on young love in the 80s. (For us thirtysomethings, the soundtrack will bring back many great memories.) As James Brennan, actor Jesse Eisenberg plays the part perfectly - innocent and kind-hearted with a little nerdiness. As an audience member, you're "in his corner" throughout the film - hoping that he'll not only find love, but also his own voice and confidence. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig (from SNL) are hilarious and perfectly cast as the amusement park managers. My only criticisms are that the film's pace is a little slow in some spots, while there could have been a little more humor in others - but, overall, a good film.
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Wait for video...or even cable!

By Celicia86
Written March 25, 2009
I usually don't listen to critics when they rate a movie bad, I have to go see it myself. But this movie is not worth your money or time. I saw this last night at a pre-screening on campus and it was FREE...FREE people...and I was still disappointed. The movie is about a bunch of college students working at an amusement park for the summer, they smoke weed and there's a love triangle. that's it. Yes I know Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig from SNL are in the movie but they each have like one mediocre scene. The ending is...oh wow the's one of those that just keep you hanging wondering if that's it?? Listen to me...don't pay to see this!
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