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A recent college grad meets a girl at a lowly job at a local amusement park.
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ADVENTURELAND - a journey of self and sexual awakening. GRADE: B-PLUS

(Based on a ACTUAL advance press preview which I attended this week) Adventureland (1hr 46mins) is a coming-of-age slice-of-life plus love story about a young man's social and sexual awakening. At...

Perfect spring movie, funny, sweet, touching....

By johnnyblaze1001
Easily the best movie thus far this spring, kinda like a sitting on a deck on a crisp evening while having a beer and cigarette. For all those expecting "Superbad" redux, this is not the movie for...


By crazyybabyy21
the girl from twilight in another movie shortly afiter twilight and during the creation of new moon! omg how does she do it weellll this moviee will be absoluntly amazing i am so going to seee the...


By amusementparklover
My first thought is if anybody want's to go to the park that was adventure land, you must go to pittsburgh, pa and enjoy kennywood park. This park is fantastic. Now the review- The acting was below...


By The Real Truth
This movie was terrible from start to finish.About 30% of the people ended up walking out to try and get a refund.There is not 1 good thing to say about this movie.Really bad acting,horrible...

It's Slow, but Sweet in Adventureland

By PrinceAndTheRevolution
I saw a sneak preview of Adventureland last night and was both a little disappointed and a little pleasantly surprised. First, I was a little disappointed because I thought the movie would be funnier...

Wait for video...or even cable!

By Celicia86
I usually don't listen to critics when they rate a movie bad, I have to go see it myself. But this movie is not worth your money or time. I saw this last night at a pre-screening on campus and it was...

Horrible Movie

By sportzdude90
The acting is subpar, I hate to say it but Kristen Stewart is not a very good actress. To make the movie better they should have had more Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig moments. Also, if you look at...

Better than expected

By behindthecamera
When I saw reviews for this movie, I thought I might as well see it with a buddy and laugh a bit. I was surprised at how funny it was. I loved the humor of how lame we teens can be when they're...


By tardo7
not funny at all.all funny parts were in preview. people were leaving the theatre 1 hour in. wait for cable. worst comedy i have seen in years.lots of teen drinking & drugs....

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Rated R | For language, drug use and sexual references
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Common Sense Media says Fairly thoughtful romcom masquerades as a raunchy indie.
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