Modern Art Classic

By ginsue
Written February 19, 2014
Quite entertaining. A lighthearted look at today's young artists and how the sheltering and cautious life of an aspiring poet prevents her from realizing her potential. Only through life experiences can you reflect life in prose... I loved it! the acting is first rate. Roberts and Peters show growth and Cusak delivers as always. A sprinkling of character actors, such as Cloris Leachman add a some famiiar depth. If it's out of theaters, definitely worth the rental fee...Stay through the credits, interesting vinettes... AND a Killer soundtrack mostly by the Handsome Furs...gotta find that download!!
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Loved this little mad romp

By Guvnor
Written February 17, 2014
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By clementarzah
Written March 11, 2014
When life gets hard, rise to the occasion. Emma Roberts stars as Amy, a young poet who recently graduated from college. Life isn’t going according to her plans. Amy is forced to find a job after her parents stop paying for her submissions to poetry contests. Amy reluctantly starts working at Adult World, a sex shop owned by a spirited elderly couple played by Cloris Leachman & John Cullum. At a book signing, Amy pursues an apprenticeship with her idol Rat Billings, a crusty, withdrawn, alcoholic writer played by John Cusack who Amy believes will help her with her poetry. Director Scott Coffey & screenwriter Andy Cochran display a smart and quirky look at how you have to go though a lot of crap to get to your ultimate goals in life. The performances from the cast were caring, engaging & very well done. At times, I didn’t like Amy because of her attitude toward other people. I was disappointed that there weren't more scenes of Cloris Leachman in the film. SEE THIS FILM.
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Hella rad movie

By NaniKaya19
Written June 19, 2014
Totally worth watching I loved it.
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