Adrian Grenier
Date of Birth
Jul 10, 1976
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Scott Caan Entourage
2015 Billy Bob Thornton Entourage
2015 Kevin Dillon Entourage
2011 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 08
2011 Edward Burns Vietnam in HD
2011 Dylan McDermott Vietnam in HD
2011 Michael C. Hall Vietnam in HD
2010 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 07
2010 Gary Cole Entourage: Season 07
2010 Martin Landau Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Lindsay Lohan Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Rosie O'Donnell Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Matt Damon Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Whoopi Goldberg Teenage Paparazzo
2009 Gary Cole Entourage: Season 06
2009 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 06
2008 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 05
2007 Jane Lynch Adventures of Power
2007 Michael McKean Adventures of Power
2007 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 04
2006 Anne Hathaway The Devil Wears Prada
2006 Stanley Tucci The Devil Wears Prada
2006 Meryl Streep The Devil Wears Prada
2006 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 03
2005 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 02
2004 Kevin Dillon Entourage [TV Series]
2004 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 01
2003 Woody Allen Anything Else
2003 Fisher Stevens Anything Else
2003 Christina Ricci Anything Else
2003 Jason Biggs Anything Else
2003 Danny DeVito Anything Else
2003 Stockard Channing Anything Else
2003 Glenn Close Anything Else
2002 Colin Farrell Hart's War
2002 Terrence Howard Hart's War
2002 Bruce Willis Hart's War
2002 Linus Roache Hart's War
2002 Carol Kane Love in the Time of Money
2002 Michael Imperioli Love in the Time of Money
2002 Steve Buscemi Love in the Time of Money
2001 Jude Law A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Frances O'Connor A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Robin Williams A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Meryl Streep A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Chris Rock A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Ben Kingsley A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 William Hurt A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Haley Joel Osment A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Brendan Gleeson A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Eric Stoltz Harvard Man
2001 Sarah Michelle Gellar Harvard Man
2000 Maggie Gyllenhaal Cecil B. Demented
2000 Ricki Lake Cecil B. Demented
2000 Roseanne Cecil B. Demented
2000 Melanie Griffith Cecil B. Demented
2000 Eric Roberts Cecil B. Demented
2000 John Waters Cecil B. Demented
2000 Stephen Dorff Cecil B. Demented
1999 Stephen Collins Drive Me Crazy
1998 Margaret Colin The Adventures of Sebastian Cole
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