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By mlp4p
Written June 11, 2013
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Not bad for a Dramadey

By mattsnyder1970
Written October 26, 2014
I really liked this film. I have yet to be disappointed by anything that Paul Rudd has acted in. I also really like Tina Fey and Lilly Tomlin. If you are looking for a knock down laugh out loud comedy you are at the wrong movie. Although the preview would make you think otherwise. This is a very sweet intelligent and real film.
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Should've Been A Rental

By monstiles
Written June 03, 2015
This movie was okay and had a couple "giggle" moments. It was fairly predictable... Good date movie. I thought all the actors did a good job and was glad to see Lilly Tomlin (who did a great job).
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It could have been great... But it wasnt.

By mauvar123
Written July 10, 2013
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"DENY" Fey & Rudd...this movie sucks

Written February 28, 2015
Predictable. Cheesy. Cliche. & not funny. I'm surprised Fey & Rudd agreed to this script. They must have been paid well. This movie sucks. The only worse thing to do than watching this movie would be removing one's hangnails.
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