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By mlp4p
Written June 11, 2013
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I don't regret seeing it, but...

By amercier4
Written March 24, 2013
Considering the cast, there is pretty much no way that this movie could have bombed. That being said, this movie didn't know if it was a comedy, a drama, or a romance. There was a little bit of everything going on. The comedic parts were good, when the came up, but the rest was fairly flat. Strong comedic actors just shouldn't try romantic drama.
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The Worst Movie I Have Seen In The Theatre In A Long Time

By BrianLaughs
Written July 28, 2014
The characters were boring. I laughed 1.5 times. In fact, the most I laughed was during the previews when there was a trailer for Scary Movie 5. Whomever green-lit this movie is a total moron. The only thing that makes me more upset than the $12 I wasted on this unfunny pile of awful filmmaking is that the movie has already extorted $15 Million from moviegoers. If you want to see a funny, entertaining version of "Admission" with a lesson at the end you can cheer for, don't see "Admission", go see "Orange County", starring Jack Black, Colin Hanks, Ben Stiller, John LItgow and Catherine Ohara.
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Rather Disappointed

By pdxnative83
Written April 05, 2013
Went and saw Admission today with my boyfriend. Disappointed. I was expecting a romantic comedy and I got a bit too-heavy, very too little romantic, downer. Its about a Princeton Admissions lady being presented with the possibility that this gifted yet school challenged kid is her son and her shenanigans to try and help him get into Princeton as well as getting used to the idea of being a mom (while having a semi-romantic fling with the teacher that presented her with this notion, and her personal life falling apart). Not all that comedic, not all that romantic, and kinda a downer. The actors themselves were great, I love both of the leads, but they were put in a movie that was seriously lacking. I don't recommend this one if you're looking for a true romantic comedy.
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It could have been great... But it wasnt.

By mauvar123
Written July 10, 2013
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