DVD Rental

By tsfGodguy
Written May 30, 2016
I really lie Tina Fey and Paul Rudd (well, him in things that aren't rated r) but this movie fell a little flat. Some comedy, like them as a couple, I enjoy Lily Tomlin but story wise? While, all the right components were there, it just didn't come together well. I should have waited to Red Box it but oh, well......
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Not what I expected

By bougala
Written April 29, 2016
I thought it would be funnier. The story was weak and I don't think Tina Fey and Paul Rudd had any chemistry. In all it was more depressing than funny. LIly Tomlin's character was not likeable at all. All in all, I would not go see it. If you really want to see it....wait for the DVD.
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Did Not Meet Expectations

By Huxley0813
Written February 13, 2016
It was too predictable from the start. I like Tina Fey and Paul Rudd and it was great to see Lilly Tomlin back on the screen. Other than that, the good parts (humorous) were all included in the commercial. I'm female and wouldn't even classify this movie as a "chick flick".
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Worth the price of admission

By Danno1971
Written March 30, 2013
Very clever movie that gets a little sappy towards the end. Lily Tomlin steals the show and Tina Fey continues to show how much talent she has. Very clever storyline. Anyone who graduated from Princeton should probably avoid this movie. Princeton comes across pretty badly in this film.
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Not worth the price of Admission

By cmhorg64
Written September 26, 2016
I think the movie makers lost their way. Was it supposed to be a comedy or a drama? It really wasn't either and it sure wasn't really a dramedy. Paul Rudd and Tina Fey are great, just not in this movie.
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