Rather Disappointed

By pdxnative83
Written October 20, 2014
Went and saw Admission today with my boyfriend. Disappointed. I was expecting a romantic comedy and I got a bit too-heavy, very too little romantic, downer. Its about a Princeton Admissions lady being presented with the possibility that this gifted yet school challenged kid is her son and her shenanigans to try and help him get into Princeton as well as getting used to the idea of being a mom (while having a semi-romantic fling with the teacher that presented her with this notion, and her personal life falling apart). Not all that comedic, not all that romantic, and kinda a downer. The actors themselves were great, I love both of the leads, but they were put in a movie that was seriously lacking. I don't recommend this one if you're looking for a true romantic comedy.
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By vakamalua
Written September 19, 2014
This movie works best as a 'getting into an Ivy League' satire. The scenes on the burned-out kids with their fat resumes, the over zealous parents and the secret, elitist admission meetings are all called out at good effect. I like Tina Fey who sort of reprises her TV persona, but smarter, and, as always, Paul Rudd is likable and sincere. They have good on screen chemistry--better than most of their pairings in other movies. The supporting cast, including Lilly Tomlin, is good. The adoptive mother subplot is a distraction and unnecessary; it would have been sufficient for Fey's character to just become more human in relation to the absurd admissions process. Definitely a movie worth 'matinee' prices!
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Not what I expected

By bougala
Written September 17, 2014
I thought it would be funnier. The story was weak and I don't think Tina Fey and Paul Rudd had any chemistry. In all it was more depressing than funny. LIly Tomlin's character was not likeable at all. All in all, I would not go see it. If you really want to see it....wait for the DVD.
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By marherb12
Written September 20, 2014
It was just so-so. The acting & story was trite. There was a little imagination but the story was quite contrived. It generally relates to those youngters preparing to go to college.
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Not worth the price of Admission

By cmhorg64
Written December 20, 2014
I think the movie makers lost their way. Was it supposed to be a comedy or a drama? It really wasn't either and it sure wasn't really a dramedy. Paul Rudd and Tina Fey are great, just not in this movie.
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