This movie was a Poorly edited train wreck.

By mctavishboy
Written March 30, 2013
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I watched the trailer on Youtube and thought it should be excellent and was so incredibly let down. Why McCoy thought a general audience would be interested in the "Me & My Friends Show" - how lame. It was supposed to be about Hawaiian Surf evolution and surfboard evolution, but between stupid chat time with McCoy and his friends and his grand premiere in Hawaii there wasn't time to do even a basic stab at what he said the movie would be about. For McCoy's 25th surf movie, he made mistakes even beginning surf film makers quickly avoid. The four separate movie sequences within a movie being the biggest editing mistake next to reusing footage over and over. McCoy has to be embarrassed by this, he's done some good work in the past. I wouldn't recommend this movie even as a dollar rental. The premise was a good one, but the execution was a train wreck.
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Calling All Surfers!

By NaluWahine
Written April 14, 2013
Really engaging run through the evolution of the board shapes and the spirit of surfing. Enthralling cinematography. You can almost feel the saltwater on your skin. Every boardhead will want to run out and try one of the retro styles after seeing the movie or try to shape something new. Fun! Great music too.
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By marchia46
Written March 29, 2013
Great Film, good history of Surfing, some outstanding underwater shots, surf in Tasmania had every one retracting in OMG! Wild surf, the thrill of danger and the craziness of someone needing that kind of stimulus. Loved the Hydro plane so quiet, peaceful, beautiful. Sir Paul McCartney's music was Outstanding, great jazz sax. The underwater footage, of wave action and it's effect on human bodies, great to see, to know. Silhouette of surfboard and body shadowing so unreal. Felt this piece should have been at the beginning of the movie. Most of the people had walked out when the credits were rolled. To bad, Jack Johnson is always a treat, a beautiful human being. Always for a good cause. There were a number of places that Jack McCoy was too long of tooth. Overall a very fun, exciting, inter active film.
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Long Intro but Cool Film

By tonybologna02
Written March 29, 2013
Had a terrible experience... The sound kept glitching and the screen would freeze. There was a family behind me of extremely talkative kids and mom; the kids kept running and jumping around... That being said, I think the movie would be pretty cool to watch at home. The intro was a little long and because of all glitches and commotion behind me it was hard to get into the slow introduction. But once it comes out on DVD it may be worth another chance.
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a must see surf film by jack Mccoy

By killerbsurf
Written April 02, 2013
I thought it was a great surf film but thought the intro interview and sitting around chatting was kinda of awkward and took too long. I came to watch a surf movie and not a lot of talk although some was interesting. The movie is very good with showing the history of surfing and the detailed history of surfboard progression. it was good to see jack johnson playing music at the end of the movie and very fitting. I am sure on dvd or blue ray you can just jump into the movie and then if you want, go check out all the extra scenes and interviews at your own leisure.
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