A Dangerous Fiction

By One-in-Many-in-One
Written January 08, 2012
Ranks up there with "Holy Smoke" as one of the most unwatchable films,says my grown son. The dialog was bad, the scene selection was bad, the editing was as bad as we've seen in a studio-produced film. David Cronenberg should be embarrassed. Viggo did well with Sigmund, Michael did fine with the fictitious character called Carl Jung, and Keira did well with the conflated character that was Sabina, but these were inflated characters and not close to the historical people. An why would a story about three of the most intellectual, creative minds of the early 20th century focus on the kinky stuff? Sell tickets? My wife is a Ph.D from a Jungian Graduate Institute. This was painful for her to watch.
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A Dangerous Method

By shermnpat
Written February 06, 2012
I'm a mental health professional and went to see this with another MH pro and my husband. The movie improved much as it worked itself toward the middle and end. Certainly an unrealistic portrait of mental health issues and treatment, but I have a jaded eye. The biggest improvement would have been to spare us all from Keira Knightley!!!!!! Thought her face was going to explode. It would have gone a long way to have an actress who could convey psychiatric illness via a different (and more realistic) method. Someone like Elizabeth Olsen perhaps. Overall, I'd say it's a go for us psych junkies. Plus, who wouldn't want to look at Michael Fassbender!
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BORING movie

By SineWave
Written January 22, 2017
Although the theme is supposed to be "sex," and Keira has tried her best in the role, this movie is merely one BORING conversation after another. The sex scenes are barely PG rated. There is not enough action to keep the viewer engrossed. The director is so busy being an intellectual that he creates a movie that only academicians could potentially be interested in, and even many of them would walk away unsatisfied. Not for kids, teens, or frankly, anyone who enjoys movies; this should have remained a book, or a stage play for those too highbrow to admit they'd rather attend musicals. There was potential for better entertainment, but it was not achieved.
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A Dangerous Method

By subabe
Written December 26, 2011
For all of the film's Merchant Ivory production values and imaginative cinematography, the end result was as deeply felt and emotionally wrenching as watching paint dry or sitting still for 109 minutes while Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen read the phonebook. That alone was almost worth the price of a ticket. Keira Knightly's performance was riveting in her early mad scenes, but her later characterization, like her accent, rambled all over the map. The film's main character is not these historical figures, but rather the philosophical debate they waged over the theoretical basis underpinning the inception of psychoanalysis. "A Dangerous Method" dramatizes that inquiry in a cinematic experience akin to viewing Victorian era drawing room conversations on Masterpiece Theater, though this film is a lot easier on the eyes. If you enjoy inconclusive cinematic storytelling, this might be your cup of tea. If you're looking for engagement and resolution, you won't find it here.
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A Dangerous Method is Excellent

By rundeep
Written February 05, 2012
As a psychotherapist, I felt like I was derelict in not knowing this snippet of our professional history. The movie was very well done and the visuals were luxuriant. Certainly, most of us have moved on to what Jung is communicated as starting in his departure from Freud, and he has always been a more sympathetic character in my mind. The sexual charge of it all remains, as therapy is an intimate experience, and knowing one's boundaries is paramount. Apparently some of our forefathers did not have that part down so well and lived the dilemma. The tension, and the value of it for creative power to a lesser extent was portrayed well. We really enjoyed this movie.
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