Adam Bryant

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Robin Williams Night at the Museum
2006 Mickey Rooney Night at the Museum
2006 Owen Wilson Night at the Museum
2006 Ricky Gervais Night at the Museum
2006 Paul Rudd Night at the Museum
2006 Carla Gugino Night at the Museum
2006 Brad Garrett Night at the Museum
2006 Anne Meara Night at the Museum
2006 Ben Stiller Night at the Museum
2006 Dick Van Dyke Night at the Museum
2002 Catherine Keener Death to Smoochy
2002 Tracey Walter Death to Smoochy
2002 Todd Graff Death to Smoochy
2002 Hank Azaria Death to Smoochy
2002 Danny DeVito Death to Smoochy
2002 Jon Stewart Death to Smoochy
2002 Robin Williams Death to Smoochy
2002 Edward Norton Death to Smoochy
2002 Vincent Schiavelli Death to Smoochy
2002 Salma Hayek Death to Smoochy
1993 Robert Prosky Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Martin Mull Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Sally Field Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Pierce Brosnan Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Matthew Lawrence Mrs. Doubtfire
1993 Polly Holliday Mrs. Doubtfire
1991 Mercedes Ruehl The Fisher King
1991 Amanda Plummer The Fisher King
1991 Jeff Bridges The Fisher King
1991 Michael Jeter The Fisher King
1991 David Hyde Pierce The Fisher King
1991 Harry Shearer The Fisher King
1991 Robin Williams The Fisher King
1991 Richard LaGravenese The Fisher King
1991 Tom Waits The Fisher King
1990 Peter Stormare Awakenings
1990 Anne Meara Awakenings
1990 Max von Sydow Awakenings
1990 Robin Williams Awakenings
1990 Penelope Ann Miller Awakenings
1990 Julie Kavner Awakenings
1990 Mary Alice Awakenings
1990 Robert De Niro Awakenings
1990 John Heard Awakenings
1990 George Martin Awakenings
1990 Pamela Reed Cadillac Man
1990 Robin Williams Cadillac Man
1990 Elaine Stritch Cadillac Man
1990 Annabella Sciorra Cadillac Man
1990 Tim Robbins Cadillac Man
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