ADAM - is charmingly sweet! Rating: 86 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Written July 30, 2009
Wed. July 29 - I just attended the advance press preview of this evocatively 97-minute movie by directer Max Mayer - starring the talented Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne - good chemistry and wonderful performances. This gentle well-made drama chronicles Adam's journey to self-reliance/independence plus his search for a relationship. Adam is afflicted with ASPERGER'S SYNDROME (NOT "ASBERGER?S syndrome" - also, Adam is NOT a "computer genius" - please, get your facts right, jimchudnow). Aside from the engaging story-line and deep insightful thoughtful themes(love, relationship/friendship, truth, self-reliance, inner beauty, etc.), I was immersed in this movie also because of how beautifully it was filmed - good cinematography; it's delicate treatment of this particular autistic disorder; and the humanistic approach of the main character's portrayal. VERDICT: Highly recommended for fans of dramas, romance and lovers of 'independent' films Actual GRADE: B-PLUS
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Definately see Adam!

By Amylynne87
Written July 23, 2009
Besides the fact that Hugh Dancy asked me to spread the word (ok, not me personally but the whole audience) : ) , I really do think that everyone should see Adam. For being filmed in only 25 days it is incredible. It's heartbreaking what people with disabilities go through, but this movie shows what they are able to accomplish as well. Hugh and Rose have remarkable chemistry and the story reminds you that things can just happen when you least expect them, good and bad, no matter who you are. This movie is funny and charming, and you have to go see it!
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Adam is a "first"!

By pscohen
Written August 03, 2009
Having married someone whom I've come to realize has mild Asperger's syndrome, I found this movie extremely touching, but also a watershed event to help people realize how people with Asperger's don't mean to be insensitive, and in fact are quite loveable, within their limitations. Hugh Dancy completely inhabited the role of Adam, a young man with Asperger's syndrom trying to find his place in the world after losing his father. I brought my husband to this movie, because he had yet to recognize that he has AS, and FINALLY, he agreed that the similarities were too hard to deny. So not only did Hugh Dancy do a fabulous job teaching "NT"s or normal people about those with AS, he also was able to commune with AS people. Beautiful, beautiful movie with a realistic but wonderful ending too. Five stars!
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“ADAM” – A fish out of water, like a place lost in Space = Rating: 8 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Written July 15, 2009
Adam is a 29-year-old guy ([BLOCKED WEBSITE] played by HUGH DANCY) who appears to be excessively neat, overly organized & a big creature of habit. He works as a computer and electronic genius at a toy company and is clearly brilliant – especially in his knowledge and love of astronomy. When a new neighbor Beth (ROSE BYRNE) moves into his apartment building and tries to communicate with him, little by little, you realize his “quirks” (such as his problems socializing with others) are really a result of having ASBERGER’S Syndrome, wherein he suffers from a form of autism (altho it allows a comparatively high level of functioning). As Beth gets to know Adam, she sees the basic gentleness inherent in him, and – to the dismay of her father (PETER GALLAGHER) who’s going on trial for fraud –, she starts falling for him and vice versa. While 'Adam' is certainly filled with some humor, it is NOT really a “comedy” so much as a slice-of-life drama.
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Aspergers is a way of life

By HarvardMan2009
Written August 14, 2009
For those of you who do not know or do not care to know, Aspergers syndrome is a label, and as is the case with many labels; when ever the aformentioned "label" is read about in such publications as the New York Times, or Scientific American, or any other well decorated, and well researched stack of lies; the only thing a neurotypical, unchallenged person can do is feel bad for people with Aspergers. I know this is true, because I have Aspergers, and I know that Aspergers is for me and many other people a way of life rather than a way of living, I have studied the works of many brilliant men, whom like me have Aspergers, Einstein had Aspegers, and he did a lot more for all of humankind than any neurotypical person has ever done, and by typical I do not mean smart. Kudos the people who made this movie a reality. It has a lot of heart. and as a wise man once stated, "Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world - Albert Einstein
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