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A man (Hugh Dancy) with Asperger syndrome falls for a new neighbor (Rose Byrne.
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ADAM - is charmingly sweet! Rating: 86 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Wed. July 29 - I just attended the advance press preview of this evocatively 97-minute movie by directer Max Mayer - starring the talented Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne - good chemistry and wonderful...

Definately see Adam!

By Amylynne87
Besides the fact that Hugh Dancy asked me to spread the word (ok, not me personally but the whole audience) : ) , I really do think that everyone should see Adam. For being filmed in only 25 days it...

Adam is a "first"!

By pscohen
Having married someone whom I've come to realize has mild Asperger's syndrome, I found this movie extremely touching, but also a watershed event to help people realize how people with Asperger's...

“ADAM” – A fish out of water, like a place lost in Space = Rating: 8 of 10 stars (based on an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Adam is a 29-year-old guy ([BLOCKED WEBSITE] played by HUGH DANCY) who appears to be excessively neat, overly organized & a big creature of habit. He works as a computer and electronic genius at a toy...

Aspergers is a way of life

By HarvardMan2009
For those of you who do not know or do not care to know, Aspergers syndrome is a label, and as is the case with many labels; when ever the aformentioned "label" is read about in such publications as...

HUGH DANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By passion4fashion
HUGH DANCY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously talk about the perfect man!! Curly brown hair, dazzling blue eyes, that sexy British accent.... *sigh* ...

I have a son who is autistic (autism is a severe form of asbergs)

By cloudy9
I have a son who has severe autism. He is 13 and I know he will never lead a normal life or have a wife etc... but, there are many forms that are not as severe and I have seen/met many people with...


By jumpngeorge
Loved this movie. Story was very interesting and the characters were great. Not your typical love story, but does the typical love story actually exist?...

?? "Asp-BURGERS" Anyone? ??

By Optimism
Aspberger's. This seemingly newly popular 'condition' (Aspberger's Syndrome) is handled amazingly in this sensitive, superbly acted, engrossing and life-affirming little love story We give the movie...


By talkinrobin
Love the trailer, can't wait to see the movie!...

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic material, sexual content and language.
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