Good movie for the action but as with some people who do the job the acting is a little OTT

By Dark_Chameleon
Written February 24, 2012
Worth the money, the theatre was full for a matinee and at the end people clapped. It was a good war movie being the actual actions that seal team 7 would take but the actors are not actors and gave a sense of that, it was almost a promotion of joining the navy but as my son is joining the Air Force as you read this i was a little motivated as I'm sure were many of the kids off school or the veterans. Great if your a vet or intending on joining the millitary but if you want depth or acting even to a quality of Bruce Willis or Arnie your not going to find it here...still I enjoyed it. Grade:- B+ (for what its advertised as it fills the spot, but there are no oscar worthy actors in it)
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Act of Valor

By jnowlin
Written February 27, 2012
Every American should go and see this film. The fact that these warriors are out there courageously laying their lives on the line is something we all need to appreciate more. These brave men put themselves between us and those who would do evil upon us. Compare this to the disgusting malcontents and miscreants in the Occupy Wall Street movement and it sickens me.
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Good Action flick

By johndbeck
Written February 25, 2012
The movie was good. It had lots of guns, BIG GUNS and explosions. If you are a fan of special forces, military or tactical movies then you'll enjoy this movie.
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An intense action movie!

By dm982
Written February 27, 2012
This movie left me exhausted because the action scenes were so well done and knowing that the actors were real SEALs added further authenticity to everything. I didn't find the acting as bad/distracting as others. I would definitely recommend checking out this movie for a feel good action movie which will make you proud of our armed forces!
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Great Flick, Believable Plot and Action

By Jrnannery
Written February 28, 2012
Title says it all. Don't worry about the acting, either. Some of the social chatter in the film is delivered in a mechanical, monotone fashion, but it is bearable. The action is first rate, and feels practiced and real...because it IS!! The plot is horrifyingly plausible. I'd be surprised if we haven't already faced something similar, and are just blissfully ignorant of it. A bit of guy emotion later in the film, the kind of stirrings you get in a good war movie. Will chicks like it? Probably not, unless they share a man's love of action films. Not really any eye candy here for the females, but if she has a sense of patriotism, and love of our armed forces, bring her out for date night.I dare you not to salute at the end.
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