By volleyballgirl16
Written October 17, 2014
It was amazing!!!!! I know what the navy and the army and everyone does in the war and mission, but actually seeing it and just it being so real was amazing!! I cried my eyes out at the end, it was extremely sad but it hits to close to home. The poem that was being read, was amazing. It is extremely true to to this day. I will definately be seeing this movie again before it comes out on dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pretty Good

By patriotguy24
Written August 13, 2014
If you can get past the fact that none of these guys have had any acting experience you'll love the movie. Lots of run and gun action and a good movie overall. True heroism!
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Act of Valor

By 37375tn
Written September 25, 2014
Being a 30 year Navy veteran I'm a stickler for authenticity relating to military procedure, uniforms, realism, the dialogue and even the way the actors salute. Act of Valor passed with flying colors ("roger, over" no "copy that" BS like in "24"). The Navy SEAL actors weren't "Dustin Hoffmans" and won't win any Academy Awards but they did a credible job and added another splash (excuse the pun) of realism to the movie. The story line was believable, the makeup was excellent and the battle scenes used live tracer fire... all very kewl! I've seen several SEAL movies and this was by far the best... RECOMMENDED. May God rest the soul of Lieutenant Melvin Spence Dry, USN... he was an operator's operator (13 March 1946 - 5 June 1972... Operation Thunderhead)... Spence was a dear friend and the last Navy SEAL killed in Vietnam.
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How could you not like this movie?

By kmoney51
Written August 03, 2014
I know it's February and Hollywood saves their best pictures for the end of the year but this should be in the running for Best Picture of 2012. If a war movie with actors portraying real heros is nominated then surely a movie with the actual heros themselves should be up there, right? The acting was good considering these guys are not actors, they are just being themselves. The action is non-stop as a simple rescue mission turns into a fight to stop a terrorist. If you don't care about what the Armed Forces are about or the price which these men and women pay on a daily basis for freedom then this isn't the movie for you. Yes the violence is over the top but whatever it is that these men have seen I believe you get a chance to see yourself thanks to this movie. A non-stop thrill ride for 2 hours that has plenty of action, a few tears, and surprisingly a few laughs. Thanks to those who serve and have served, as a veteran this movie makes me appreciate them all the more.
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By ataleof14cloves
Written August 06, 2014
Incredibly raw and personal. Really exposed the humanity of the navy seals along with the unfaltering brotherhood and overwhelming firepower and grit, unrivaled planning and execution of mission tactics.
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