Let's get real

By Psyniche
Written August 10, 2014
Unless you're on the far left (and I mean far, far left) this movie will move you. Allow yourself to accept that these events, or events very similar, actually happen to the men who volunteer for and devote their lives to a higher cause than their own lives. As a former Navy Submariner, I've had the honor of working with some of these men. Warriors of the first degree. The critics out there cite their "wooden" acting. These men live in a world where uncontrolled emotion gets you killed instantly. Of course they look wooden. They're supposed to. They're SEALS. There is a select few, however, who have actually seen their human side: their families. And when these men are ready to lay it all on the line, those are the ones they're thinking about. We owe them a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.
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The critics want stylized formulas, they don't appreciate authentic characters...

By evanmig
Written October 26, 2014
By far, the best modern war action film to date. Left all of the over-dramatization, unrealistic writing and bull at the door, the story was real and felt like you were there with the team, just among more extraordinary, purposeful, yet humble humans that you LOL. You are awe-inspired and proud throughout. Such an amazingly real, detailed, and honest experience with awesome pace, beautifully shot. Take notice Hollywood, someone just raised the bar and got rid of all the unnecessary formulaic crap you force on us in the process. I guess being a method soldier pretending to be an actor is more effective than being a method actor pretending to be a soldier LOL. Well done. The thing that is really bugging me are the critics. They all have the same theme: They give it props for realism, good action, etc but trash the actors for being "wooden". Guess what critics, audiences have been craving actors who talk like REAL people, not overly dramatic, stylized, formulaic, fake crap.
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Act of Valor... Intense!

By AliciaMNC
Written August 13, 2014
No, seriously - it's *intense*. I'm not a weepy chick under any stretch, but there are two things that get me every time - when children are hurt in acts of violence, and when people sacrafice themselves for the sake of others. Needless to say, I cried more than once in this movie, and I'm sure that colored my perspective of it. For me, this movie wasn't action ("Navy Seals", "Rescue Dawn"), so much as intensity ("Black Hawk Down", "Hurt Locker"). Knowing that it's based on real events and acted by actual active duty Navy Seals made it hit me that much more deeply. You can't walk out of this movie without adding to your respect of the men and women in our military. Throughout the movie I was shocked, and uncomfortable, surprised, relieved, anxious, fiercely proud, and most of all, deeply touched. It was very well done, nearly unrelenting action once it started, excellent effects, massively realistic, wholly believable. And just a little scary.
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cant stop beleiving

By fabrizio
Written October 05, 2014
i saw this movie today Friday 24 2012; and i dont think i will ever be the same. to know that this film is not some Hollywood glam experience really framed my movie experience. to say that i was to humbled to clap at the end is only to admit that i was crying. Please go see this movie if only to understand how serious the forces are to destroy us are. They are and they will succeed in spite of our best efforts, they will destroy our finest and we will be lefft with the spineless cowards who will trash this movie, yet they will be the first to call for the police for help......At the end of the day we have to support those who protect us unless we are prepared to protect ourselves and support each other HOORAH... go see this movie it will not be what you expect it will be better it will not cause you to cheer or clap, it will cause you to realize that American soldiers are our children,sons,fathers,mothers,daughters, and a book burning is not EQUAL TO ONE OF THEIR LIVES
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You want excitement? Explosions? Drama and Bravery? You want realism? This is it!

By MooveeFantoo
Written August 10, 2014
I was holding my breath in some parts, cheering them on in others and crying a couple of times. This is a movie every American should see and will be thoroughly entertained by this movie. Men leave their families to risk their lives to rescue others, to prevent terrorist acts in this country. They are so connected as teams that it is planned in advance and they execute their missions with hand gestures and touch. I was so very touched and have never understood so fully what our troops risk out there protecting us. Go see this movie! Oh, and it is not for kids, some serious kill shots happen, lots of danger and stealth.
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