By hunneypie23
Written February 26, 2012
This is an amazing movie, more so because it is based on similar true events and is acted in by actual navy seals. Very inspiring and very exciting, edge-of-the-seat entertainment. Violent, as you would expect, and some difficult torture depictions.
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Act of Valor

By rbusry
Written March 01, 2012
This was a very good movie with lots of action. I was very surprised by the acting qualities of the Navy Seals. They weren't great but did a credible job of acting. I felt very proud of the services they have performed for our country and saddened that some have to die to protect us. I would highly recommend this movie to every American.
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Great movie that makes you proud to be an American

By Manuel Souza
Written February 26, 2012
The acting wasn't so great since they used real navy seals to fill most of the parts. However, the action and combat scenes were fantastic! After the movie was done the entire audience stood up and clapped.
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Too much talking

By oldsaltydog
Written March 25, 2012
This movie was action packed and a bullet a minute but too much talking when they weren't involved in a mission they sounded like a bunch of women trying to get in touch with their feelings. After being in the military in one of the support groups that came in contact with operators let me tell you that most of the lingo was clean up and that took away some of the genuine feel between team members. I'm just saying
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Act of Valor=5 stars

By debo7937
Written February 26, 2012
Went to see it on opening night in NY, was very disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm and attendance for this movie. Unfortunately, some people only go to see a movie based on a critic review. I cannot disagree more. Go see this movie! It is a very small insight as to what a SeAL team does, for obvious reasons. I read a review in Newsday by Rafer Guzman in the part 2 section of Saturday's paper and the reviewer just doesn't get it! With a review saying "they can kill, but they can't act". REALLY!? They get paid to keep our country safe, not to entertain us, you small minded arrogant jack wagon! I thought it was absolutely fantastic. 5 stars if you are a patriot and want to have a small inside look into SeAL team ops!!! I recommend highly!!! Not a movie critic :)
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