A war experience that looks and feels different, but ends up being the same

By KeegstaTheMovieBuff
Written February 24, 2012
Act of Valor is a truly intense war experience that doesn't stand out among the early year fare. Read our full review at ***kjmoviereviews.com and follow us on twitter @KJMovieReviews
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A Definite Must See of 2012

By Hitman19832006
Written February 25, 2012
Let's get one thing out of the way...This is Recruiting picture for the Navy Seals. If you aren't with me so far then ask yourself a question, why would the Navy let active duty Navy Seals star in a movie based on real operations they've done than to promote the service? That said, this was a very well done, entertaining and captivating film. I would recommend it. Granted it has a lot of the cliches of war films but this is an ACTION movie. Without it would be like a Jennifer Aniston movie where she can act.
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Awesome, real dedication

By COB739
Written February 26, 2012
Great movie plenty of action and moving scenes through the movie. Been there and served our country for 31 years. Know how the going away hurts in both of our hearts as we separate and go about our business. Loved the real life use of the SEALs in this movie. It is amazing the things that go on that we have no clue about but someone is watching our backs all the time. Honor Courage and Commitment. HOOYAH!!!!
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The Best Movie I've Seen In Years!

By meatmadden
Written February 26, 2012
This movie is a must see! It tells the true story about the lives our Special Forces people, from their prospective in fighting the War on Terrorism!
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Great Navy Seal Movie EVER!

By oscardelarosa1997
Written October 13, 2012
I was so looking forward to this movie! The trailers were amazing. I was right about the movie! I freaking LOVED IT!!! The acting was SO-SO, but I did'n t care about it. The two directors did in amazing job with this movie! This movie should be watched by everyone, even know its Rated R, It has Strong Violence, some bad languages. I don't know what the hell critics did'nt like this movie and I can see why. I mean come this is what the real navy seals do for us. they project us from bad thing like killing, kidnapped, and more! GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! Final Rating: 10/10!
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