Act of Valor review

By MystressJade
Written October 15, 2014
Great gives you a small glimpse inside covert clandestine operations from planning to execution. Obviously combat mission secrets are still kept while telling this story. I recognized several different real life stories inside this movie. Will it win any Best Actor awards? No, but these guys aren't actors. I thought they did a great job doing something (acting) so totally against their nature. The film not only depicts SEALs, it also shows the Navy's best kept secret, SWCC...Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewmen, the SEALs insertion and extraction support in riverine environments. Amazing. They all ARE today's Heroes. HooYah! .
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My Goodness

By Jpistone13
Written July 31, 2014
This was such an amazing film. Really makes you appreciate the military and everything you don't realize that is going on. Brought tears to my eyes at the end from a personal military family experience. Definitely an A+ movie!!!
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Act Of Valor

By Mr Film Freak
Written February 25, 2012
I just saw Act Of Valor the fictionalized story of real life Navy SEAL operations starring real live active Navy SEAL! Act of Valor's gripping story that takes you on a ride as you watch these men show all these HollyWood tough guys how its really done and although the acting wasn't there they more than made up for it with everything else! BRAVO!! A+
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For people who really believe in heroism, not just Hollywood portrayals of it

By clintconatser
Written August 06, 2014
One of the most powerful emotional effects I have ever seen a movie have on an audience. The crowd applauded at the end, and some were crying.The action is spectacular. All throughout the movie, foremost in the viewer's mind is that these are actual SEALs doing things SEALs actually do in the real world, removing the "Hollywood fantasy" element and giving it a sense of realism no other movie can match. You know that this is not the usual hero-movie formula, where you watch actors convincingly portray American heroes, but instead you are watching actual American heroes giving you a glimpse into their hidden world.This movie brings home that heroes really do exist in our world. As for those people whose sole focus is to criticize the acting, I truly feel sorry for them.
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By kj95376
Written August 02, 2014
These are real missions the Navy Seals have been on over the past few years. They do use live rounds and tracers in some of the scenes (The director stated this during some of his interviews). You will see real hero's who will and do give up their lives for the safety of their team and the safety of the citizens of the United States. I was surprised to see one mission in 2010 where the Muslim terrorist were coming into the United States from Mexico (yes LIBS this does happen) wearing suicide vests with an added kill radius. They were headed for the Seattle area where I live and the Las Vegas strip to kill thousands, I personally feel this movie should be shown in ALL High Schools around the United States so the teenagers of today realize they can make a difference in other peoples lives, and they do not have to join a gang or do drugs just to feel wanted. The military (especially special forces) are a very tight nit group that take care of an look out for each other. KJ
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