By lin17
Written January 03, 2008
I remember seeing the previews to this film and thinking how amazing it looked with the colors, the characters, and especially the music. It ended up being the best movie I have seen in a long time. A few pointers though, if you dont really know The Beatles music and have no taste for unique art then I wouldnt exactly judge it so harshly. Its either you like or you dont. The movie is set in a time in which it displays ten years of our major history- impact of music, tragedy, and peace all in one. To me the best part of this film was the music. I thought it was fanominal. I definetley recommend this film, please go see it..Its a work of art and it was amazing.
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Watch it if you are into musical and the Beatles

By soniajinnette
Written January 05, 2008
It is colorfull and had potential, but they added so much musical that every time they started singing my group went (oh no!) and that was like every other minute, the story was hard to follow, some times making sense only to people that were into the "Beatles", It shows a little to much for being a PG-13, and it lasted too long.
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Out of this world!

By Movie_Junkie_TX
Written January 05, 2008
A truly heartwarming love story and drama. Loved how The Beatles music was blended in with the story line. Amazing how much Jim Sturgess looks a lot like a younger and scruffy looking Paul McCartney. Loved and recommending it to all of you and friends.
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all you need is this movie

By LadyHawke47
Written September 21, 2007
beautifully constructed, elegantly thought through, deliciously cast, with the best soundtrack ever in the world. Taymor, the Beatles, and the 60s. It really is great.
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By daniellem4
Written January 04, 2008
GREAT, talented cast! Wonderful, go!
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