Across the Universe Synopsis
Two lovers (Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess) become entangled in 1960s counterculture.
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By lin17
I remember seeing the previews to this film and thinking how amazing it looked with the colors, the characters, and especially the music. It ended up being the best movie I have seen in a long time....

Watch it if you are into musical and the Beatles

By soniajinnette
It is colorfull and had potential, but they added so much musical that every time they started singing my group went (oh no!) and that was like every other minute, the story was hard to follow, some...

Out of this world!

By Movie_Junkie_TX
A truly heartwarming love story and drama. Loved how The Beatles music was blended in with the story line. Amazing how much Jim Sturgess looks a lot like a younger and scruffy looking Paul McCartney....

all you need is this movie

By LadyHawke47
beautifully constructed, elegantly thought through, deliciously cast, with the best soundtrack ever in the world. Taymor, the Beatles, and the 60s. It really is great....


By daniellem4
GREAT, talented cast! Wonderful, go!...


By dacoro
I must admit, I was a skeptic. You do not mess with The Beatles! But I went on a recommendation from a fellow music-loving friend. During the first half hour I was thinking... okay, this looks...

The best movie I have ever seen

By MTheBeast
This movie was fantastic i have seen it 3 times. I would strongly suggest you see this movie. I have never seen a movie like it. So go see it!...

Beattles Fans

By forever7today
This is a heart touching movie. Kind of trippy at times, but it has a good idea and is beautifully carried out....


By praying mantis
This movie was amazing! I loved the integration of the Beatles songs. It was original and very entertaining. I will definately buy it when it comes to DVD....

A masterpiece!!!!

By Jaylynn444
My boyfriend and I were both "Wowed" by this beautiful vision Director Julie Taymor brought to the screen. How brave to use a virtually unknown cast (except for Evan Racheal Wood and the surprise...

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Rated PG-13 | For for some drug content, nudity, sexuality, violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Beatles musical hits strong notes amid sex, drugs.
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