By Mr.Le-bow-ski
Written December 09, 2008
bahahaha this movie is hilarious
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"Accepted" is just acceptable

By Clo16
Written January 30, 2014
I really love Justin Long so perhaps I had too high of expectations for the movie. I'm not sure he's ready to be the main star of a movie. The idea of the movie was appealing, but the execution was predictable and awkward. The plot line was a little choppy and jumpy at times. Long's character has a little sister in the film, but for what reason, I really can't tell. She doesn't further the plot or really create any tension at any point in the movie. The comedy often falls flat. The two highlights of the film are B's best friend Sherman and Lewis Black as the dean. They both have some great lines in the film. If you are looking for comedy gold like "Old School" or "Anchorman", this isn't your movie. It was just OK.
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To kick off the season

By RoflGoat
Written November 20, 2006

This was the first amazing comedy that I saw in 2006. I went with a friend after Talladega Nights was sold out and this was probably better. The cast was funny and a steady stream of college humor and just plain funny stuff was fed onto the screen.

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By jackie102
Written January 14, 2007
It was soooooooooo good i saw it in theater 3 times and 5 times on dvd. ILOVEIT!
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good movie

By xcheerxfactoryxflyerrx33
Written December 23, 2006
funny movie. had me & my friends cracking up
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