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By redyeah
Written November 12, 2014
Great cast depicts bug's routine.
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By rinconlore
Written November 12, 2014
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"A Bugs Life" is one delightful animated feature!

By Dominic LeRose
Written November 12, 2014
You just may never step on another bug in your life after seeing Pixar's amusing feature titled "A Bug's Life." Animals have been focused on in Disney films since it was first founded in 1923, but never have such tiny creatures been the main focus on. Once every year, some grasshoppers come to an anthill and eat what the ants have made. One year, a bug named Flik (Dave Foley) by accident drops the seeds into the river. The grasshoppers give the ants one last chance to find the food by the next season. Flik goes off to find help, and meets up with a circus crew, giving the ants some hope... This plot can actually relate to the real world. We get many ants who all have to work together in order to protect their future, similar to how our society requires teamwork and problem solving in order to function. Children can find this message inspiring as well, but it's surprising how adults may find this plot suitable. The beautiful animation truly captures the difficult lifestyle that certain insects live in order to survive. It may even be considered an animated nature documentary about natural selection in the ant life by some. The animation is very beautiful and coordinated in a unique and visually striking way that is balanced with pure fun and some heartfelt animation with a clever script and great voice overs.
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A Bug’s Life

By Alexis Aristondo 21
Written January 10, 2016
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