The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
By the time the proceedings reach their "Paranormal Activity"-style violent conclusion, the viewer’s interest has long since waned.
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
Mundane conversations and outings drag on while the central mystery takes baby steps forward, suggesting that a shorter running time or a more developed script might have better served the originality of the premise.
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The A.V. Club

By A.A. Dowd
There’s absence here, all right—of scares, of imagination, and of a good reason to pick up that camera in the first place.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
What starts as a creepy, original conceit — mysterious Caesarean-section abductions during hospital stays — devolves quickly into standard talk-to-the-camera, jump-at-the-sounds, found-footage banality.
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Slant Magazine

By Chuck Bowen
The tension almost immediately leaks out of the narrative once we realize we're watching a found-footage horror movie.
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Village Voice

By Chuck Wilson
There are many things absent from this found-footage horror movie, including suspense, logic, and originality.
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20 out of 100
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