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If you read the book you will be disappointed

By hlg136
Written June 24, 2012
The movie itself was great and the acting and special effects are awesome but after reading the book I was disappointed that they had facts in the book completely different. I understand that they can't include every detail but I hate it when they completely change facts, cutting I understand but changing is ridiculous.
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A mashup may be just what this country needs?

By antharia
Written June 25, 2012
Ok, I read the book and loved it and no, no one is a fan of a book becoming a movie or at least the saying is that the book is always better but how about I loved both! I have some observations: - I have always been shocked that the author of this book is the same as Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. One is original, the other is a rework of fancy plagiarism. - You can ONLY call the book and film a mash up as it brings history and horror together, not because it brings any other elements or works together. Many people are confused on the mashup aspect. But let's be dead honest. The movie is no mash up. It is an excellent vampire flick about a guy whose name we all know set in the time of the Civil War and it kicks ass. - If this movie had been called Barack Obama Vampire Hunter and the horse/train scenes (all I am saying) replaced with car/plane scenes, no critic would have said diddly about the efx. Oh crap I ran out of room, will finish review at
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By ladyhellrazor
Written June 28, 2012
ben played a great role....the acting,special effects,fight scenes,even the history was all on point! very well made movie...i willl be getting this on blu ray.5 STARZ!!!!
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Cool Concept

By beedlej00z
Written June 24, 2012
The deal for me was, I went to see the Snow White movie with my wife on her birthday and she was to see Abe Lincoln movie with me on mine.. well for what its worth I found AL:VH to be much more entertaining than Snow White. I really liked the actor they found to play the part. All kinds of stylitic scenes, the story was a bit slapped together, I think they could have found slightly richer storyline but it was entertaining enough to check out in theatre (usually I wait for HD at home). The supporting character "Henry", was fun but his story arch could have been little more powerful. If you are into cult-like characters, with some bad-***axe swinging, youll like this movie. If you are a drab sensitive kind, then you should go see "Brave" instead. I don't take the historical portion of the story quite so serious, I mean the title should give away what you are getting into. Perhaps next time Ill take a guy-friend instead of the wife. Definitley better than Snow White.
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So bad that it was good

By nurys
Written June 25, 2012
You just have to go with it and enjoy the moment. They do cut to the chase rather fast, my teenage son thought it was the best movie ever. Its fun, shockingly bad fun
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