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Good entertainment

By magikhands1
Written July 08, 2012
This was an interesting twist on history...imagine him actually saving us all from I enjoyed the movie, plenty of action, though many scenes are just unbelievable.
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Worth watching at least once

By MikeRevolver
Written July 05, 2012
Overall, not a bad movie. Action was good overall, they managed to get the "secret life" tomesh fairly well with actual history. The acting was fairly solid, though the main villains were kind of bland; your run-of-the-mill vampire masterminds trying to prey on humanity from the shadows. The two parts I think hurt the movie the most was how fast the 2nd act went, rushing through much of Lincoln's life. And then there's just the premise: Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires. Its the kind of idea you'd expect a bored grade schooler to dream up in history class. You'll likely find it completely awesome, like it but think it's a bit weird, or think it's just another Hollywood childish waste of several million dollars. Me, I fall in the 2nd category. Overall it was a solid summer action flick, but the premise was really corny at its heart.
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Surprising - Visually beautiful

By jfrusch
Written July 08, 2012
Must see this film on the large screen. The title put me off. My daughter saw it and raved about it. I saw the sneak peek on HBO and decided to watch it. The plot is plausible and the visual experience is amazing. This film leverages the power of the large screen movie format to tell a story and to share an experience.
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Way better than I thought it would be!

By TluvsM9
Written June 24, 2012
Went to see it with some guys and we all liked it alot! It was fun and hit on some good historical points! We all thought it was a cool concept and a good plot! Good stuff!
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Good Action, decent plot, interesting

By nng
Written June 25, 2012
This was a good movie...very interesting...not sure if the book was really based on actual journals given by henry sturges to the writer, or if it's all fictional. If it's fictional then it's a little lame, but if not, it's a very interesting story. I havent read the book but the movie itself, was done pretty decently. It is historically accurate, except of course making the civil war all about the stopping of vampiric take over of the US and slavery of all. The movie itself, is pretty good with very good representation of lincoln's time, and also the incorporation of other historical figures of the time. The portrayal of lincoln was good too as not just a hero and president but some courageous man of strengh. The depiction of the vampires was a little over the top but still ok. Overall, it is a movie definitely worth going to, very entertaining and makes you look at lincoln in in a different light or really in any at all. It more or less gives homage to lincoln himself.
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