Fun Vampire action movie

By rhettdh
Written June 23, 2012
Not sure what to expect with this movie at first. The story is fun as it weaves the battle for our country with the presidency of Abe Lincoln and the good vs evil of humans and vampires. I liked that it did not try, like so many other movies, show a coexistence plot. Neat little takes on vampire lore and such. The movie got the Vampires right in my opinion making them less obviouse. Hope you enjoy the action and the decent story.
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Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By jomarl
Written June 25, 2012
The premise is ridiculous, of course. But the movie is a hoot! All you have to do is suspend belief and want to be entertained, without intervening social or political messages, and you will love this movie. Actual history is woven into a CGI masterpiece. Go see it!
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Wait for Rental

By larsov
Written June 25, 2012
Although stylistically solid with great action sequences, overall this "high concept" film was a bit too silly at times to be considered great. It takes an overwhelming large amount concentration to keep up your suspension of disbelief or else it becomes just plain ridiculous. This requires the a lot of focus and dedication from the viewer. Overall, probably better as a DVD rental than a movie theater because alcohol probably could make that suspension requirement easier to maintain than soda and popcorn.
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Save your money

By millwil
Written June 26, 2012
When you mix history and vampire lore you really have the potential to make a great movie. Save your money and just see the 2D version since there really weren't any eye popping special affects. The movie was okay just nothing really to rave about. If you're not dieing to see it, then just wait for it to come out on DVD/cable.
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Don't Judge By The Concept

By swj2pz
Written June 25, 2012
Most people will waste no time in scorning this film due to how outrageous the concept is. However, the creators have done an excellent job bringing this story to the big screen. Mixing the artistic splendor of '300' into this fictional, yet historical account makes for what I believe is a masterpiece and one of the best films of the year. Although the plot was a little blotchy in the beginning, all the pieces eventually come together for a rather compelling story that kept the audience at the edge of their seat in anticipation of what the conclusion to the battle between good and evil, humans and vampires, the North and the South, will be. A perfect play on the juxtaposition between the horrors of slavery by evil white men and the horrors of death by evil vampires.
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