great movie

By roxy326
Written June 25, 2012
I thought the movie was great. Although it was not quite like the book there were some parts that were off or didnt happen in book but for the most part it was on. If you didnt read the book first, you might be a little lost in the beginning . Highly recommend if you enjoy vampire movies and just like some history stuff too. It is rated R but we took our daughter and it really didnt have many parts that seemed not viewable for them.
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Thin Premise, RICH Story!

By Captain Outrageous
Written June 23, 2012
When I heard of "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" I thought that was the most ridiculous idea ever. But when I saw the prairie rail-splitter with the axe in his hands... I BELIEVED. I bought the whole thing, hook, line and sinker. It was just so... right. I've handled many axes over the years and I have no doubt that in experienced hands they make one HELL of a weapon. There is a neat little tweak there too... I'll not let the spoiler leak but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you enjoy intense action films with a supernatural twist in a historic setting... you will not want to miss this one. I was thoroughly entertained for the duration of the film.
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Not a heavyweight but my wife and I enjoyed

By O'fallon Bill
Written June 23, 2012
Yes, it is not historically inaccurate and it does get a little hokey at parts. That being said it was good for a Friday afternoon and we had fun watching it.
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Pretty Good Action Flick

By DejaBlue1972
Written December 18, 2014
I really enjoyed watching this movie. It actually managed to inject actual historical facts into the story line (i.e. the President's son Willie's death was explained as being caused by vampires). To me, this was a really good action flick that was just set in the 1800s. Just let your imagination take over and suspend all reality and enjoy it! :)
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Went for the man...enjoyed the show and was left craving history on Abe

By jenrent
Written June 23, 2012
I enjoyed, was entertained and left the theater got on the phone and re-educated myself on ABE! You can skip the 3D version, it wasn't bad, but not necessary. The man said it was a lot like the book!
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