Better than expected...

By Gidden1
Written March 29, 2017
My husband and I were skeptical about the premise but like Timur's work a great deal. Turns out the movie aspires to be original and that is great. Hard to sell this premise and the marketing didn't do it justice. It has a provocative concept behind it... that the Civil War was a culmination of a fight for the soul of our country between humans and vampires. And Ben Walker walks a fine tonal line in a role that could have easily been campy and silly - he does a good job. It's not a great movie by any means BUT is worth a try. Doesn't really need the R rating... the violence is SO campy and clearly so unreal. Not a scary movie but a creepy one, and good action sequences (visual effects a little cartoonish).
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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D!

By shanawilliams77
Written June 24, 2012
I enjoyed this movie! I thought it was going to be cheesy but it was suprisingly entertaining and the vampires were not beautiful and shimmery in the sunlight!
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Did I read the wrong book?

By mavram
Written June 25, 2012
I am so disappointed, on so many levels. If I did not read the book, I may have rated it as go, but as I did read the book (which is fabulous), I am really confused. Major plots in the book are left out and/or are different in the movie! The movie leaves out a lot of vital details required to truly understand the story as the book meant it to be told. Quite frankly, the movie goes on a tangent. I noticed discrepancies in the make up of the vampire characters: most look like demon monsters with full sets of sharp teeth, the black eyes not being as evident. Yet later there is a scene where a female vampire has two sharp fangs, not a visible full set of sharp teeth... my whole group noticed it. Bottom line: if you read the book, then the movie will likely be disappointing. A definite thumbs down for me.
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rebel with teeth

By scruffygurl1
Written July 09, 2012
this movie was good but a bit definitely against the south. lol! all the vampires were rebels and southern with the exception of the brit who was "turned" in the beginning of the movie. i being from the south saw that as a carpet bagger move, my husband says he knew they cheated at Gettysburg. it was funny at times. special effects were ok. the 3D was lacking. there really were very few moments that 3D was evident. i did like the scene with the trains. it was quite exciting. i dont think it was worth $11 to see. if you go, see it during a matinee in regular cinemascope. sorry but you asked.
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By Kraimkat
Written July 02, 2012
went to see the ax fighting and found a clever story worked into American history. It's not the piano, but it was entertaining and the ax work was impressive.
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