Modern day relationships

By lifeplans
Written February 15, 2014
Good remake that puts a new spin on an old theme.... making a relationship work from a one night stand. The characters are similar to the original movie plot. However, I must say this take on the movie is much funnier.
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About Last Night Review

By coreyt28
Written May 28, 2016
This was a very realistic movie that pretrayed how real african american relationships would actually be. Hey if you would like information on how you can gain more or replace your current income, please take a few minutes to look at this totally free system. ***
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By lightle40
Written February 16, 2014
Micheal Ealy - has to be the sexiest man of the decade he is is shaft kool and billy d willams wrapped n 1 how dats done but it's him lets look pass the eyes and his face and body and his acting ablitites are great he's A+ actor . kevin Hart- Great at what ever he does great actor even more funnier comic he's all around great to watch one of the reason why i came out to see and don't hurt he's hot as hell wit his short ass . Regina Hall- One of my fav female actresses she hot she's funny and she is real . But most of all she is smart she is a total package the main reason i wanted to see this movie 3 of my fav black actors n doing a movie like this . Joy Bryant- Not to knowlegable of her work but she was cool i know she was in th 50 movie and honey but realy never seen her ablities and in this movie seems to fit her .Paula Patton- love her husband not a big fan on her. Adam Rodríguez- This is a very hot man loves him love him love him would have loved to see more of him he's amaz
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I thought it was just okay!!

By Sonyamac99
Written February 06, 2016
I just thought Kevin Hart used the "P...." Word entirely too much. There was a great deal of foreshadowing in the movie. The trailer made it appear funnier than it was. It was more vulgar than funny to me personally. I did not view it as a true romantic comedy. I generally like Kevin Hart and will support other films.
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By filmreviewer
Written July 25, 2016
I saw this movie last night. I enjoyed M. Ealy's performance the most. He had a more charming persona than the other characters to me. Kevin Hart was too loud and emotional in his role. If he could have toned it down several notches, the movie would be a complete. The movie is based on two couples sexual relationships. You get to see a lot of sex. You get to hear the f-word nonstop from all the main characters. Ealy's girlfriend prepares a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. She throws the turkey out the window. The scenes are nice. The females are motivated by sex and passiveness. The movie tries to offer something for everyone and situation. That means lack of why this or why that is never explained fully enough. Some of the scenes were predictable. Yet, that's why I needed to see this movie. Again there lacks too much drama and mature situations. If you want to see couples and friends interact in different levels of situations, then this may be the movie.
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