Very uneven

By NYPerson1
Written March 08, 2014
There were parts of this movie which really worked, and others which were just boring. It was a shame that two of the characters were purely defined by being raunchy, when they could have been so much more interesting. The way they were portrayed felt very racist and one-dimensional. There was almost no laughing in the crowded theater where I saw it, even during the scenes which were supposed to be funny. When the movie was more quiet and thoughtful, it worked a lot better.
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About Last Night

By gallon3
Written February 24, 2014
The movie is very, very funny, but it was so much profanity! Other than that, I was laughing so hard and so were the others in attendance! If you need a good laugh, please go!
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Totally a fan

By nicenickie
Written March 04, 2014
So I'm a fan of the original and I'm a fan of this one. Totally different, but you will fall in love with this one because of the actors.
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By filmreviewer
Written February 17, 2014
I saw this movie last night. I enjoyed M. Ealy's performance the most. He had a more charming persona than the other characters to me. Kevin Hart was too loud and emotional in his role. If he could have toned it down several notches, the movie would be a complete. The movie is based on two couples sexual relationships. You get to see a lot of sex. You get to hear the f-word nonstop from all the main characters. Ealy's girlfriend prepares a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. She throws the turkey out the window. The scenes are nice. The females are motivated by sex and passiveness. The movie tries to offer something for everyone and situation. That means lack of why this or why that is never explained fully enough. Some of the scenes were predictable. Yet, that's why I needed to see this movie. Again there lacks too much drama and mature situations. If you want to see couples and friends interact in different levels of situations, then this may be the movie.
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Constant Irritation

By Belomy
Written February 22, 2014
This movie was horrible. Every scene with Kevin Hart was just plain irritating. The man isn't funny at all. He talks super fast, has nothing to say when he does, and he is so irritating there is no way to like his character even remotely, or to pull for him in any way for something good to happen to him. I love movies and I never have walked out on one, but I walked out on this one. Do yourself a favor and stay away.
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