Excellent film - stick-with-you story beautifully presented

By christy892
Written March 23, 2014
"A Birder's Guide to Everything" is a terrific movie experience. The story is the star of the film, but I also really enjoyed seeing the lead character David for the first time. I'll look for Kodi Smit-McPhee in other roles. The movie feels honest and insightful without "playing" to the audience. It's like the viewer has a peek inside the lives of these interesting people for a fleeting moment. I suspect it is a similar thrill to gain insight into the compelling lives of birds that motivates birders to look for hours, days for that glimpse of something beautiful.
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A Birder's Guide to Everything

By fullerhome
Written March 23, 2014
This film is a must-see for anyone! Remarkable performances from it's young stars, Ben Kingsley is spot-on. The audience was laughing out loud, applauded at the end and few left with a dry eye. Much more intelligent than your typical coming-of-ager, I loved how this film makes it cool for young people to follow their passions.
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warm and charming film

By sjkane
Written March 24, 2014
Great story of people dealing with each other's perceptions and themselves. Funny as can be at times, but also very sensitive and honest about human emotions. Really a terrific small film!
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Birders Guide a must See!

By chad997
Written March 23, 2014
Excellent movie! Touched every emotion. Recommend this amazing independent film!
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Charming film

By robertbelau
Written March 24, 2014
Charming coming-of-age story set around bird-watching.
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