• PG
  • Drama


Reminiscent of David Lynch's acclaimed The Straight Story, this drama focuses on forgiveness, redemption, and a rider lawnmower. Ernest Borgnine stars as aging war veteran Hotis Brown, who learns that his brother -- to whom he has not talked in 50 years -- is dying. Too proud to accept a police escort from well-meaning local sheriff Bernie (James Morrison), Hotis points his lawnmower West and starts driving. In spite of the veteran's grumpy rebuffs, Bernie checks up on him and brings him food. Slowly Hotis begins to accept the sheriff's kindness, and the two develop an odd sort of friendship. Hotis confides in Bernie the terrible secret that ended his relationship with his brother, allowing the ornery old man to heal his wounds. Meanwhile, sister-in-law Emmeline (Kim Hunter) dutifully watches over her husband. Abilene was screened at the 1999 San Sebastian Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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