Abel Woolrich

Worked With

Year Name Title
1996 Mario Van Peebles Solo
1996 Barry Corbin Solo
1996 Adrien Brody Solo
1995 Salma Hayek El Callejón De Los Milagros
1995 Alex Cox Death and the Compass
1995 Christopher Eccleston Death and the Compass
1995 Peter Boyle Death and the Compass
1995 Esai Morales My Family
1995 Jennifer Lopez My Family
1995 Jimmy Smits My Family
1995 Edward James Olmos My Family
1995 Scott Bakula My Family
1995 Mary Steenburgen My Family
1993 Henry Silva The Harvest
1993 George Clooney The Harvest
1993 Miguel Ferrer The Harvest
1991 Martin Short Pure Luck
1991 Harry Shearer Pure Luck
1991 Sam Wanamaker Pure Luck
1991 Scott Wilson Pure Luck
1991 Danny Glover Pure Luck
1991 Jason Robards, Jr. Pure Luck
1989 Jane Fonda The Old Gringo
1989 Jimmy Smits The Old Gringo
1989 Jessica Tandy The Old Gringo
1989 Jim Metzler The Old Gringo
1989 Paul Williams The Old Gringo
1989 Gregory Peck The Old Gringo
1989 Harold Gould Romero
1989 Richard Jordan Romero
1989 Raul Julia Romero
1988 Alfonso Arau Camino Largo a Tijuana
1986 Helen Mirren The Mosquito Coast
1986 Jason Alexander The Mosquito Coast
1986 Margaret Cho The Mosquito Coast
1986 Dick O'Neill The Mosquito Coast
1986 River Phoenix The Mosquito Coast
1986 Butterfly McQueen The Mosquito Coast
1986 Harrison Ford The Mosquito Coast
1986 Martha Plimpton The Mosquito Coast
1985 Raúl Ruiz Los náufragos del Liguria
1984 Jason Miller Toy Soldiers
1984 Tim Robbins Toy Soldiers
1984 Cleavon Little Toy Soldiers
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