Good Movie. Edge of seat action.

Written September 24, 2011
I took 3 kids ages 12-14. We all liked the movie. Action was good, acting was good, suspenseful until the end. Storyline a little complex for the kids. They got the overall concept. For parents concerned about the rating: Said the F word once (that I picked up on.) The sexual content reference was in the train scene when they start kissing. They take off their jackets (only) and Taylor picks up the girl so her legs are wrapped around her waist. That's as far as it goes and it ends pretty quickly. In my opinion, it is fine for 12+ so rating is appropriate but parents must judge where their kids are at on this topic. I'm sure there was other minor cursing but was too involved in the story to pick up on it. There is a great amount of action in the movie-great for the guys. I think dads would like it, too. The action was a little much for the girls. The movie previews and ads prior to the movie were much more problematic than the movie itself. Go! You won't be sorry!
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By Abductionfan
Written September 26, 2011
I loved this film. I also thought the acting was just terrific, I mean for Taylor to come all this way from like the other films he has done, it's just really amazing to see, I am like so impressed with his acting I really look up to him, an I think the director did a fantastic job with this movie meaning obviously with the directing stuff an all that. I would probably also say that this movie if anyone were to see it would be for teenagers an adults just because of certain things that happen in the movie, but over all I think this movie was just honestly fantastic! =)
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Abduction review

By JeromyL
Written September 24, 2011
Really enjoyed it... a few times dialogue was cheesy, but the action made up for it.... 2 thumbs up!!!
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Abduction review

By Im_a_movie_luvr
Written September 24, 2011
Hmmm... A little over the top! Good action but not quite realistic. Was also hard understanding why all of these people were after this 15 year old kid? So, you may be entertained but don't be suprised if you roll your eye's a few times.
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Def good

By lil_bit22604
Written November 06, 2011
I took my step daughter and her friend to see this movie. We enjoyed it very much. Will def be buying this on dvd when it comes out.
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