• Released
  • August 15, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 35 min
  • Horror

Abandoned Mine

By minson86
Written August 23, 2013
Great movie!!!! Good Psychological thriller. It isn't over the top violence, it makes you think, which can be even scarier. This is a good movie for parents and teens to watch together for some good scary bonding time.
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Great film

By sircbr
Written November 21, 2013
I loved this movie. It has everything the scares , the laughs and much more.
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Yes best horror movie ever

By mwyman2001
Written August 17, 2013
Best horror movie ever
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Watch with teens and lots of popcorn

By Plapirate
Written August 31, 2013
Abandoned Mine is a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. But one that PG-13 family audiences should. On the surface, it's broad characters and stereotypes are part of the setup that allows you to just relax and go for the adventure ride at the expense of some rather small-town friends who get themselves into big-time trouble. While things are not as they seem from the beginning, you don't know why until all the pieces fit together at the end. This psychological suspense drama with five really solid young actors, delivers twists and turns laced with humor to break the intensity at just the right moments. Just don't expect decapitations. By the time the dust settles at the end (and there's a lot of dust in that abandoned mine), you realize the movie was about something bigger - a cautionary tale that we all can relate to. Perfect to watch at night on your big screen, with popcorn, and 4-5 teens on the sofa. Enjoy.
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A lot of fun

By Lachelle11
Written September 06, 2013
This was a great little movie to watch with our teens. From the trailer, I thought it might be too over the top horror. But I would say its more like a "Goonies" style film that's family appropriate.
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