Aaron Eckhart
Date of Birth
Mar 12, 1968
Birth Place:
Santa Clara County, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Ted Levine Bleed for This
2016 Ciarán Hinds Bleed for This
2016 Morgan Freeman London Has Fallen
2016 Robert Forster London Has Fallen
2016 Melissa Leo London Has Fallen
2016 Angela Bassett London Has Fallen
2016 Tom Hanks Sully
2016 Laura Linney Sully
2014 Bill Nighy I, Frankenstein
2014 Miranda Otto I, Frankenstein
2013 Melissa Leo Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Morgan Freeman Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Robert Forster Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Ashley Judd Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Angela Bassett Olympus Has Fallen
2011 Richard Jenkins The Rum Diary
2011 Johnny Depp The Rum Diary
2011 Giovanni Ribisi The Rum Diary
2010 Sandra Oh Rabbit Hole
2010 Dianne Wiest Rabbit Hole
2010 Nicole Kidman Rabbit Hole
2010 Giancarlo Esposito Rabbit Hole
2009 Jennifer Aniston Love Happens
2009 Martin Sheen Love Happens
2008 Heath Ledger The Dark Knight
2008 Eric Roberts The Dark Knight
2008 Cillian Murphy The Dark Knight
2008 Gary Oldman The Dark Knight
2008 Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight
2008 Michael Caine The Dark Knight
2008 Christian Bale The Dark Knight
2008 William Fichtner The Dark Knight
2008 Anthony Michael Hall The Dark Knight
2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Dark Knight
2007 Patricia Clarkson No Reservations
2007 Philip Glass No Reservations
2007 Catherine Zeta-Jones No Reservations
2007 Bob Balaban No Reservations
2007 Beau Bridges Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Robert Duvall Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Josh Lucas Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Toni Collette Towelhead
2007 Maria Bello Towelhead
2006 Scarlett Johansson The Black Dahlia
2006 Josh Hartnett The Black Dahlia
2006 Fiona Shaw The Black Dahlia
2006 Pepe Serna The Black Dahlia
2006 Hilary Swank The Black Dahlia
2006 Brian De Palma The Black Dahlia
2006 Rose McGowan The Black Dahlia
2006 Nicolas Cage The Wicker Man
2006 Ellen Burstyn The Wicker Man
2006 Molly Parker The Wicker Man
2006 Leelee Sobieski The Wicker Man
2005 Helena Bonham Carter Conversations With Other Women
2005 Ian McKellen Neverwas
2005 Michael Moriarty Neverwas
2005 Jessica Lange Neverwas
2005 Nick Nolte Neverwas
2005 Alan Cumming Neverwas
2005 William Hurt Neverwas
2005 Maria Bello Thank You for Smoking
2005 Robert Duvall Thank You for Smoking
2005 J.K. Simmons Thank You for Smoking
2005 Rob Lowe Thank You for Smoking
2005 William H. Macy Thank You for Smoking
2005 Sam Elliott Thank You for Smoking
2004 Michael Chapman Suspect Zero
2004 Carrie-Anne Moss Suspect Zero
2004 Ben Kingsley Suspect Zero
2003 Delroy Lindo The Core
2003 Hilary Swank The Core
2003 Tchéky Karyo The Core
2003 Richard Jenkins The Core
2003 Bruce Greenwood The Core
2003 Alfre Woodard The Core
2003 Stanley Tucci The Core
2003 Clint Howard The Missing
2003 Tommy Lee Jones The Missing
2003 Cate Blanchett The Missing
2003 Max Perlich The Missing
2003 Val Kilmer The Missing
2003 Ben Affleck Paycheck
2003 Paul Giamatti Paycheck
2003 Uma Thurman Paycheck
2003 Michael C. Hall Paycheck
2003 Joe Morton Paycheck
2002 Jennifer Ehle Possession
2002 Gwyneth Paltrow Possession
2002 Anna Massey Possession
2002 Jeremy Northam Possession
2001 Tom Noonan The Pledge
2001 Helen Mirren The Pledge
2001 Michael O'Keefe The Pledge
2001 Benicio Del Toro The Pledge
2001 Patricia Clarkson The Pledge
2001 Sam Shepard The Pledge
2001 Harry Dean Stanton The Pledge
2001 Mickey Rourke The Pledge
2001 Vanessa Redgrave The Pledge
2001 Jack Nicholson The Pledge
2001 Robin Wright Penn The Pledge
2000 Cherry Jones Erin Brockovich
2000 Albert Finney Erin Brockovich
2000 Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich
2000 Tracey Walter Erin Brockovich
2000 Peter Coyote Erin Brockovich
2000 Conchata Ferrell Erin Brockovich
2000 Marg Helgenberger Erin Brockovich
2000 Crispin Glover Nurse Betty
2000 Morgan Freeman Nurse Betty
2000 Chris Rock Nurse Betty
2000 Pruitt Taylor Vince Nurse Betty
2000 Allison Janney Nurse Betty
2000 Steve Franken Nurse Betty
2000 Greg Kinnear Nurse Betty
2000 Renée Zellweger Nurse Betty
1999 Charlton Heston Any Given Sunday
1999 James Woods Any Given Sunday
1999 John C. McGinley Any Given Sunday
1999 Jamie Foxx Any Given Sunday
1999 Matthew Modine Any Given Sunday
1999 Cameron Diaz Any Given Sunday
1999 Ann-Margret Any Given Sunday
1999 Dennis Quaid Any Given Sunday
1999 Al Pacino Any Given Sunday
1999 Jim Brown Any Given Sunday
1999 Jill Hennessy Molly
1999 Elisabeth Shue Molly
1999 Lucy Liu Molly
1998 James LeGros Thursday
1998 Mickey Rourke Thursday
1998 Michael Jeter Thursday
1998 Jason Patric Your Friends & Neighbors
1998 Catherine Keener Your Friends & Neighbors
1998 Nastassja Kinski Your Friends & Neighbors
1998 Ben Stiller Your Friends & Neighbors
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