Aarakshan Synopsis
A decision by India's supreme court polarizes students and staff at a college in Bhopal.
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Aarakshan review

By wotAmovie
Go only if you have leisurely time. Movie goes completely off the script of reservation to one man army fighting for it. Well acted by entire starcast. The complete disaster is how it ends,...

By bhushanmukhedkar

By Gurbir sandhu

Great topic... Weak script

By HarshJ
Movie addresses a burning social topic but the script, especially in the second half of the movie does not do justice to the topic ! So so......

Good movie

By Aditya_007
Good movie based on caste system in india...good taking. second half completely revolves around Amitabh, instead of the issue....

vety hood movie

By aryank2000
Very nice movie. A sensitive subject. AB rocked as usual. Ending is a little unreal. Definitely worth a watch...

nice movie

By cd_kool
It was a decent watch. Loved amitabh bacchan's performance....

directionless plot

By rkpantangi
Directionless plot and dragging screen play. It was supposed to be on reservations, but movie has everything except that! the plot becomes a fight between free education and coaching centers at 12th...


By M M P
This was a good movie. Deals with education system in India and the set asides for 'backward' class students. Doesn't claim that it is right or wrong but opened my eyes to the reasons behind it. ...

Sadly below expectation

By kteckchandani
I was disappointed upon watching this movie. The movie really depicts different story before and after the interval which to me was a little irrelevant. Typically Prakash Jha's movie are known for...

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