A-Team my Favorite

By HammerOfPower30
Written June 08, 2010
Hey so i was thinking of dropping a line cause i have sat back enough and seen the reviews from those who never saw this movie yet. Look first off, DONT PUT A MOVIE DOWN IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET BUT YOUR FRIENDS HAVE, LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THEIR TIME AND MONEY, I AM SO SICK OF IT AND THE ONES WHO PUT UP CRAPPY LINKS AND SAY GO THERE TO SEE MOVIE WITH POOR PICTURE AND ILLEGAL SCREENING!!. Second A-team was the best show for me growing up and a movie in my opinion will re-add fire to life for my memories of it. I for one cant wait to see how this movie plays out, i hope that the actors give new life and serve the memories well of the actors who did an awesome job on the TV show. I am so seeing this movie, maybe it will make up for bad movies in the past that i saw.
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Don't Listen to these HATERS

By Montybkw
Written June 12, 2010
I was a HUGE fan of the television program as a kid and was super pumped when I saw the first trailer. After reading some of the reviews on here my wife and I almost didn't go. MAN WOULD I HAVE MISSED OUT! We had a great time! It is entertaining and witty. A great date movie. Now I agree it isn't winning any greatest actor nods however, each individual does their job in accurately portraying the characters from the TV program. If you enjoy action movies...JUST GO!
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written June 17, 2010
Sometimes overkill really is underated
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Five Word Review

By themike79
Written May 29, 2010
best exciting funny cool awsome
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Do not forget where A Team came from

By suchasiam
Written June 11, 2010
What kind of rating would the A-Team TV show get today? I doubt it would last a seasoon. Why is that, because Critics and people alike have become so self centered when it comes to what a good movie is. If the movie doesnt live uip to YOUR expectaition.. it just sucks.. Right? I maen, look at the reviews people put on Fandango.. Gems Like " Blows" "Dumb" " Havent seen it, but I heard from a dude who saw Robin Hood that had the the trailer amd it looks bad" ... You know.. Moronic reviews. A-Team the show was all about toung and cheek off the wall action and humor. Almost as unrealistic as McGyver for the time. But the 80's were full of that. Cheese was good, and we got our fill. I think this treatment of A-Team is EXACTLY what it needs to be Fun as hell,, great ride.. and everybit as satisfying as your 9 dollar popcorn
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