Sucked ...Sucked ...Sucked !!!!!!!

By DomK1977
Written December 06, 2007
I think what happened in this film was the script was written half way and then was handed to a bunch of 3rd graders to finish. This movie had me for the first half and then took a nose dive. I have no idea what they were even thinking. It maybe would have made sense if I was on a controlled substance.
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By darlinglatina
Written February 18, 2009
I couldn't wait for this movie to end. You could tell it was written by Kubrick and directed by Spielberg. I felt like I was watching 2 completely different movies. Boring and confusing. I'm glad I had family with me to joke and laugh at how bad this movie was in theatre. It goes on too long...what a waste of time.
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By crazymonkeycrap
Written April 07, 2013
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