9 is almost a 10!!! Actual Grade: A-average. (Based on a advance VIP press preview)

Written September 10, 2009
Tuesday 9/08/09. Produced by Tim Burton, directed by Timur Bekmambetov(co-producer) - and based on a 2005 Academy Award Best Animated Short film by Shane Acker, 9 is a 81-minute gorgeously crafted, visually lush, and superbly well-made full-length animated movie(written by Shane Acker, Pamela Pettler, and Ben Gluck). This film is EVERYTHING that I expected in a TOP-RATE animated movie - creative, layered/textured, detailed, well-designed - with a well-executed(but weak) plot and heavy themes(survival, friendship/sense of community, leadership, wisdom, courage/valor, honesty/trust, etc. - and most importantly - HOPE). Well-known thespians such as Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Connelly John C. Reilly, Martin Landau, and Crispin Glover contributed voice talents. VERDICT: 9 is not really a kid's movie due to violence, scary images and the heavy themes. A MUST SEE for fans of animation. 9 received a healthy applause from the preview audience at the end.
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Definitely worth it, but NOT a kid's movie

By InfiniteLoop
Written September 10, 2009
If you've never seen the short, I highly recommend it. The movie expands on the themes presented in it and integrates many of its elements, which is nice for fans of the earlier work. Both are visually stunning and have an impressive amount of detail and ambiance. The post-apocalyptic setting is convincing and sufficiently creepy, but the monstrous antagonists in the story complete the terrifying package. The back story is a familiar apocalypse scenario, but the doll protagonists is a unique twist which makes the story all the more interesting considering the size of the protagonists to the demolished world they inhabit and the challenges they face. Each protagonist is unique, with a personality and depth convincingly conveyed by their mannerisms and dialog. I had my doubts about the voice casting, but left pleasantly surprised. The movie is short compared to some of the three-hour epics, but it is a perfect length and well-paced. Not bad, given that it started as an 11 minute short.
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Let's set the record striaght...

By 12sc00p
Written August 18, 2009
This is NOT a movie written by Tim Burton. Again NOT BY TIM BURTON! This movie is only produced by Tim. The actual story line was written by a kid. Well, he's not a kid but he is still pretty young. Fresh out of college, the movie was written by Shane Acker. The original was called "9" and was an animated short that he used as his senior thesis for his animation class in college. Tim Burton saw what he had made and told him that he (Tim) wanted to make it into a full movie. Shane thankfully agreed. So once again, the story was not written by Tim Burton. It was done by Shane Acker. And just so you know, Coraline wasn't done by Tim either. It was done by the Director of The Nightmare before Christmas. Time Burton was the produce of Nightmare. Just wanted to put that out there as well.
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Visionary, Moving, and Thought Provoking

By AnubisScales
Written September 19, 2009
9 is amazing. It IS dark though, so unless your children are not easily frightened or cause to have nightmares, I would advise against taking any under 7-year-olds. This is NOT you little brother's animated movie. It is NOT Toy Story, it is NOT Robots, it is not even as lighthearted as Nightmare before Christmas. Can you tell there was a screaming child in my audience that the parents ignored? Heh. ANYWAY, I believe the best way to explain this particular movie is just to go see it. It's post apocalyptic, high-tension, fast action, "Little Big Planet" on steroids. With a deep message for humanity (without being preachy), and a frighteningly realistic setting, this movie may just change your life. It did mine.
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realistic and believable

By sharee100
Written September 26, 2009
You can definitely see Tim Burton's hand in the characters! The characters have unbelievable depth of character that you rarely see in live actors. The development of the character relationships was perfect. And the last 15 minutes...wonderful! This is an intense story for everyone over the age of 12. And definitely worth buying the DVD when it comes out.
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