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A sentient rag doll (Elijah Wood) emerges as a leader in a post-apocalyptic world.
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9 is almost a 10!!! Actual Grade: A-average. (Based on a advance VIP press preview)

Tuesday 9/08/09. Produced by Tim Burton, directed by Timur Bekmambetov(co-producer) - and based on a 2005 Academy Award Best Animated Short film by Shane Acker, 9 is a 81-minute gorgeously crafted,...

Definitely worth it, but NOT a kid's movie

By InfiniteLoop
If you've never seen the short, I highly recommend it. The movie expands on the themes presented in it and integrates many of its elements, which is nice for fans of the earlier work. Both are...

Let's set the record striaght...

By 12sc00p
This is NOT a movie written by Tim Burton. Again NOT BY TIM BURTON! This movie is only produced by Tim. The actual story line was written by a kid. Well, he's not a kid but he is still pretty young....

Visionary, Moving, and Thought Provoking

By AnubisScales
9 is amazing. It IS dark though, so unless your children are not easily frightened or cause to have nightmares, I would advise against taking any under 7-year-olds. This is NOT you little brother's...

realistic and believable

By sharee100
You can definitely see Tim Burton's hand in the characters! The characters have unbelievable depth of character that you rarely see in live actors. The development of the character relationships...

Nine was good, but could have been so much better

By peowmeow
Overall I thought the movie was good. My husband and I went to see it and we are big fans of animated movies and Tim Burton. It was very different and I liked the characters but I thought it could...

Good at creating some momemtum

By cinefilonyc
kind of deflates at the end...

The question is not if you should go see this movie, its why you're sitting on your butt and NOT out there watching it

By shassouneh
I must say this is one of the few very interesting movies I have seen in ages. Its one of those where you may not completely understand the storyline at first, but find your eyes can't be taken off...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By coriline217
9 looks like like the best movie ever.GO SEE 9 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


By memecute51
It is a movie that you HAVE to pay a lot of close attention to!! It is really cute, sad, SCARY!!!!!!! But i would tell anyone to go!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence and scary images
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Common Sense Media says Visually stunning but scary fantasy for older tweens and up.
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