99 Homes Synopsis
In this timely thriller, when single father Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is evicted from his home, his only chance to win it back is to work for Rick Carver (Michael Shannon), the ruthless businessman who evicted him in the first place.
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99 Homes

By yankeenatman
What a movie. I'm still in chills as to the real life horror of eviction. It brought back my own experience. This movie is such a thriller or suspense, and great performances by Garfield and Shannon....

Excellent! Go see this.

By lauramosquera
Great performances from the actors. I had no idea Andrew Garfield had it in him and Michael Shannon was this character. I was caught up in the movie and never thought about them doing a good job...

Life on the edge

By kdferrara
This movie is a brutal depiction of what happened following the crash of 2008 when people who were able to live the American dream because of lax lending policies were caught behind the eight ball...

99 homes

By mikkibroughton
this wasn't "just a movie". this was REAL life for a whole lot of people. i wonder where they are now. i'm glad to see such an accurate portrayal and commentary on a very sad time in this...

Micahel Shannon delivers a WOW performance!

By byronwetzel
Timely subject matter showing a side we don't usually get to see. Best work of Garfield since Social Network. Michael Shannon is just...WOW!!!!...

Calling all real estate investors

By gilsilva1
This is a suspenseful and dramatic motion picture delivered in a realistic and fascinating way. As someone who understands the game and has been involved in the world of real estate investor, this...

99 homes

Wow! What a great little jewel of a film. If you thought 2008 wasn't real and bank bailouts were a cool thing you wont dig this film. It is political and it hits right to the core of the bankruptcy...

99 Homes

By rnldodonnell
This is a must see movie for those interested in the emotional changes that families and individual family members go through while being the direct target of the "dispossession" of homeowners from...

99 Homes

By harveyrep
The movie was done very well and showed the topic was real and people lost their homes to these con artists. good move but sad...

99 Homes

By pcforcey
This is a very good movie with a compelling plot about crooked dealings in real estate. Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon are marvelous in the leading roles. The subject matter is depressing, but...

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Rated R | For Language Including Some Sexual References, and A Brief Violent Image
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Common Sense Media says Great, if downbeat, indie drama deals with moral conflict.
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