Penny dreadful

By Cinnabun Dreams
Written November 20, 2006
Penny dreadful Been there seen that. This movie starts out strong then it greatly weakens as it moves along toward the end. I suggest drinking heavily before you go and see this movie. It has a few pops out and scare you scenes, but that’s it. William Fuentes
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Horroefest Overall

By ffc
Written November 19, 2006

The concept is good the execution was poor. The theater staff was uninformed and unorganized. They won't let you buy a ticket for all three movies at once. You have to exit and buy another ticket to come in late to the next movie. The horrorfest movies are all good but the theaters should make a better effort. Dispite the confusion the movies today were really good. If you are a real horror fan,you should make time for these movies. If you are coming to see gore, don't bother. These movies aren't gorey. The Abandon was the better of three today. Penny Dreadful had potential but ended up a disappointment. Thanks to the folks at after dark for putting this together.

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Penny Dreadful.........Very Dreadful!

By horror movie lover
Written November 19, 2006

This movie had potential.  Lots of build-up but basically a big let down.  Left the theater thinking the movie was banned because it was bad.  

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By GhettoblasterV
Written November 23, 2006

All the S**tbags That said it sucked Don't Know Crap about Horror I like Two out of three that i saw and those were reincarnation and unrest.....wicked little things was kinda weak...but I heard Gravedancers was the bomb!!! yeah even though one of them sucked I enjoy horror movie in general and In Reincarnation using stop motion animation brought a tear to my eye!!!!

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Reincarnation was SCARY!!!

By princessdiana75
Written November 18, 2006

Went to see reincarnation last night.  It was creepy.  The twists kept on coming.  Just beware that it does have subtitles, but i love foreign that wasn't an issue for me.  I really want to go see unrest monday night!!!! and I might go see something tomorrow. Make sure you're interested in the movie on before you go to see it.....

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