If only I could vote on the rights of the Mormon Church

By Wonkaquarius
Written June 13, 2010
An informative and emotional look at what goes wrong when churches and other religious institutions believe that they have a monopoly on the moral behavior of free citizens. 8: TMP dissects not only the Mormon Church's role in passing the discriminatory Proposition 8 in California, but demonstrates that this is the fight that the LDS had been gearing up for decades. This film doesn't tread lightly when it comes to exposing the manipulative and underhanded methods the LDS Church used not only to influence the California electorate, but also its own members when it came time to push for donations. I would be ashamed to be a part of any religious institution that threatened my membership over campaign contributions. The film's most poignant moments are those that capture the pain, prejudice, and harm that ordinary Americans suffered after this bulls**t proposition passed. While viewing the film, I was reminded of a quote: "We can only pray that god will save us from his followers."
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Mormons are sabotaging the reviews on here. Go away, bigots!

By americalee
Written June 12, 2010
So, the Mormon blogosphere is encouraging their lemmings to come on here and give this a poor rating because it exposes their hatred and bigotry against a protected group of people. Mormonism is the worst religion there is.
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Disturbing study of a religious sects attempt to shape American law to fit the tenets of their faith.

By RabidBadger
Written June 13, 2010
Saw an advance of this documentary & was fascinated by the intricate and secretive ways the Mormon faith intruded into the election process in both Hawaii and later California. Through the use of shell organizations and a complex method of concealing and under-reporting campaign finance funds (Which led to fines levied in California and the church losing its tax-exempt status in Canada), the Church launched a powerful and sophisticated campaign to repeal equal protection law in California. I think the the most frightening thing for me was hearing the quotes of actual Mormon leaders talking about adherence to the laws of their faith and referencing the preservation of"Mosaic law" (not far removed from the extreme Sharia law of fundamentalist Muslims). If they are willing to put this much effort into a CA election to make laws match their religious views, what else would they be willing to do to make the Constitution reflect their radical and unsettling views of ‘God's law’.
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MUST see

By cre8d2design
Written June 12, 2010
I do not believe anyone who gave this a bad rating actually seen the movie. It is not about gay marriage, it's about a church manipulating the outcome of a vote. Whether you believe in gay marriage or not, this movie is extremely thought provoking, and has some very valuable insights into how the Mormon church manipulated the political system--and much of the movie contains direct quotes from high Mormon officials outlining how they did the manipulation--and how they do not believe in the concept of separation of church and state--even though they believe the U. S. Constitution is a divinely inspired document. I do not see how they can be so hypocritical--first they say the believe in the inspiration of the Constitution, and then they act as if the Constitution does not clearly state that the church and state should be separated. It's frightening how much power the Mormon leadership has over its members.
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The Film That Fascist Mormons Don't Want You To See. What are they afraid of?

By Hdtex
Written June 12, 2010
It's obvious from these "reviews" that Mormons are spamming the boards with lies and false reviews. What are they afraid of? Maybe the fact that they have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history. From polygamy, womens' suffrage, to the civil rights of african americans. This CULT has consistantly tried to suppress truth and knowledge in their own self interest at ANY cost. Now that they have crossed the FINAL line and are now operating as a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, they don't want you to see the ugly truth of their cult and the damage, ruined lives, broken families, and suicides. In California, they financed to bill to revoke the basic civil rights of millions of people, and seek to invalidate 15,000 marriages while forcing their dogma down everyones throat.... See the movie. Decide before you write a blind review at the urging of your cult leaders. You DO know it's a sin to bear false witness.....right?
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