8: The Mormon Proposition Synopsis
A history reveals the Mormon Church's stance against the rights of people who are not heterosexual.
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If only I could vote on the rights of the Mormon Church

By Wonkaquarius
An informative and emotional look at what goes wrong when churches and other religious institutions believe that they have a monopoly on the moral behavior of free citizens. 8: TMP dissects not only...

Mormons are sabotaging the reviews on here. Go away, bigots!

By americalee
So, the Mormon blogosphere is encouraging their lemmings to come on here and give this a poor rating because it exposes their hatred and bigotry against a protected group of people. Mormonism is the...

Disturbing study of a religious sects attempt to shape American law to fit the tenets of their faith.

By RabidBadger
Saw an advance of this documentary & was fascinated by the intricate and secretive ways the Mormon faith intruded into the election process in both Hawaii and later California. Through the use of...

MUST see

By cre8d2design
I do not believe anyone who gave this a bad rating actually seen the movie. It is not about gay marriage, it's about a church manipulating the outcome of a vote. Whether you believe in gay marriage...

The Film That Fascist Mormons Don't Want You To See. What are they afraid of?

By Hdtex
It's obvious from these "reviews" that Mormons are spamming the boards with lies and false reviews. What are they afraid of? Maybe the fact that they have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history....

thats untrue.

By yes-on-8
I'm a mormon. Our prophet NEVER said to give our money or lose our membership in the church. It was our decision to give it. In this misleading movie they made our prophet seem like he wanted us to...

Five Word Review

By wgrova
Who's Hating on Who Here??...

Five Word Review

By slnbk
Waste of time! Don't bother....

Five Word Review

By myurbandog
A must see movie!!!!! !!!...

If you hate this movie, you must be Mormon

By july1962
I'm a gay man in a relationship with my partner for 27 years. I have several mormon friends from school who have been married and divorced. But I'm not allowed to marry my partner here in CA, because...

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