AWESOME MOVIE!!! (may contain spoilers!!!)

By meeshell_92
Written August 02, 2010
I loved everything about the movie i wasn't too sure if a rapper like TOP could pull of the teen soldier look and act but he did and i am very proud of him i cant imagine anyone playing that role except him. The movie had a number of sad parts and you can't help but cry! Unlike movies that are based on true stories where theres always that hero, don't expect it. ITS A MUST WATCH!!! It's eye catching from beginning to end you never expect these teen soldiers to be so brave... and You will definately cry so BRING TISSUE!!!
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By magikcastle
Written August 02, 2010
Spectacular battle scenes in the beginning...and beautiful cinematography..which kind of reminded me of the scene in 300. Story is some point it's a little unrealistic but still impressive since it's based on the actual event during the Korean War.
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Unbelievable, But At Times Beautiful

By rnh17
Written July 31, 2010
Much of this movie is unbelieavable, starting with the premise that the South Korean army would leave 71 untrained student soldiers alone to protect a school, without a real soldier to lead them. And where do they find the time for those thoughtful chats when the North Koreans are attacking? That being said, the cinematography was beautiful, and the stylized fighting was more moving than that found in many a summer blockbuster. After an half hour I thought it was going to be an extraordinary movie, but they fell into cliche characters and storytelling. T.O.P. saves the movie from going completely off the rails.
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Five Word Review

By kimchitruelove
Written August 09, 2010
Moving Timeless Hot! Action-packed Awesome
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